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FARDC and M23 Intensify Fighting in Jomba

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Heavy fighting has continued for the past two days in North Kivu province’s Jomba locality in Rutshuru as the Congolese troops (FARDC) supported by MONUSCO take on the M23 rebels.

This Monday, May 23, detonations of heavy and light weapons sounded on the hills overlooking Bunagana, towards the locality of Ruginga, southeast of Bunagana, on the border between the DRC and Uganda.

MONUSCO forces are intervening alongside the FARDC to repel an attempted advance by M23 rebels towards other localities in the neighboring groups of Bweza and Kisigari.

According to the spokesman of Sokola 2, Lieutenant-Colonel Guillaume Njike, the Congolese army has taken an ascendancy over the rebels.

He adds that the situation remains under FARDC control on the Rutshuru-Bunagana axis. The UN source specifies, however, that no details on the situation of the hills of Tchanzu and Runyoni which were previously occupied by the M23.

Local sources reported that the rebels are currently concentrating between Kanyanja and Ruginga, 7 km south-east of Bunagana.

According to Okapi radio, these new clashes have prompted several people to move again from the Jomba and Bweza groups to Rutsiro and Ntamugenga, including some new returnees.