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Elusive ‘Gakwerere’ Detained By Uganda Military Intelligence

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The Ugandan Military Intelligence revealed on Tuesday that it was holding an employee attached to the President’s office who could be the operator of a notorious social media account ‘RPFGakwerere’.

RPFGakwerere, especially via its facebook account, has for many years posted scandalous allegations against the Kigali regime and various persons. The operator has in various posts also made seditious allegations against the Kampala regime.

On Tuesday, Uganda’s Military Spy Chie,  Maj.Gen. James Birung, revealed to The Monitor, a local daily, that the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) has been holding Mr. Obed Katureebe being questioned for a host of charges including operating a burner social media account Gakwerere.

Mr. Obed Katureebe works with Uganda media centre under the President’s office.

“Maj.Gen. James Birungi, the Chief of Military Intelligence last night confirmed that Katureebe, an employee under the office of the president, was with them,” the publication said in its July 6 edition.

Phiona Kanuun, the wife to Katureeb, said in a letter to President Yoweri Museveni that her husband was kidnapped on May 2 and had since been under detention incommunicado.

Maj.Gen. Birungi told the publication on Tuesday night, “we have her husband officially, he was not abducted, there are some allegations we are investigating”.

“It is not a kidnap”, the army spy chief said, adding that ‘Even the woman (Katureebes wife) is always given the opportunity to go and see him every time she wants as we now try to investigate the allegations and then we see whether to continue with prosecution of the husband or we leave him.”

In the letter dated July 3, Ms Kanuuna noted that her husband’s May 2 arrest was prompted by an allegation that he ran a burner social media account Gakwerere on which criticises the Kigali regime. She denied any wrongdoing by her husband.

The same letter was copied to Maj.Gen. Birungi and Lt.Gen. Muhoozi Keinerugab, the Commander of Uganda Land forces.

She alleged that CMI abducted her husband on the orders of the first son/ Commander of Land Forces, Lt.Gen.Muhoozi.

“But assuming the allegations were indeed true, why would allegations by another country (Rwanda) lead to a Ugandan citizen and an employee of the President’s office to be abducted and held incommunicado for over two months?” Ms. Kanuuna wondered.

In an interview with the Ugandan Publication, Maj. Gen. Birungi declined to respond to Kanuunas specific allegations in Ms. Kanuuna’s letter to President Museveni.

Maj Gen James Birungi the Uganda Military Spy Chief (CMI) shares notes with Rwanda’s Brig. Gen. Vincent Nyakarundi /5 June 2022

She claimed that via her security contacts, that Maj.Gen. Birungi flew to Kigali on June 5 and during the trip, and what she described as a violation of privacy and rights of her husband handed over Katureebes laptop and mobile phone handsets, as well as data to Rwandan counterparts.

“This is not only shameful, but it is also illegal because the devices were taken without a court order and as a family we intend to take the matter to court,“ Kanuuna wrote.

Meanwhile, Katureebe’s supervisor at work, Ofwono Opondo, the Executive director of Uganda Media Centre said in May that Katureebe had been taken into custody for his own safety.

However, early this week, Opondo made a U-turn saying that he had been misled at the time and now believes, “they played fools on me, which is unfortunate and unacceptable.“