Eight Suspects Held For Distilling Illegal Brew

Police in Karongi district is holding eight suspects caught brewing and selling illegal alcoholic substances.

Police also confiscated distillation equipment and various other tools used for brewing.

Police raided their base after received information that some people were dealing in the concocted local potent brew.

According to the Western Region Police Spokesperson, Inspector of Police  Eulade Gakwaya, police received a tip off from residents.

The suspects include Vincent Mukomeje 45, Alexis Andre Mbonabucya 27, Jean Claude Nzayisenga 30, and Andre  Nzayisaba 28.

Others are Solange Yambabariye 23, Donatha Uwamariya 23, Chantal, Nyiransababera 46, and the other only identified as Yankurige 24.

IP Gakwaya said that about 400 litres of illicit brew were seized and destroyed during the operation.

He also said the fight will not stop until the area gets rid of such toxic substances that wreck families and contribute to criminality.

“The operation is still on and we will not relent until we are sure the area is free of illicit brews,” said IP Gakwaya.

Police encourages other members of the community to come forward and report such illegal activities.

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