Ecobank Rwanda Donates Rwf5 Million To Build Accommodation For Children With Disabilities

Ecobank Bank Rwanda Plc has donated Rwf5 million to build two accommodation facilities for children with intellectual disability in Home de la Vierge des Pauvres Gatagara (HVP Gatagara), Humura branch in Ndera Sector, Gasabo District.

HVP Gatagara Center was the first center in Rwanda that was established to cater for children with intellectual disabilities.

On 29th November 2018, when Ecobank celebrated its annual day, the bank’s staff and directors here in Rwanda, visited Brothers of Charity at HVP Gatagara Center and laid a foundation brick at the location where the two-room apartments will be established.

Ecobank’s managing director in Rwanda, Alice Kilonzo-Zulu, said that every year, Ecobank dedicates one day to interact with residents and support them.

Ecobank staff said that it was in that regard that they chose to join children with intellectual disabilities to manifest affection.
This year’s theme is “Supporting young lives in Africa”.

“We are here not just to donate, but to interact, listen and understand the challenges behind,” Kilonzo said at the Ecobank Day event.

She added that, “They talked to us and told us many of the challenges they have including lack of money to pay teachers their salaries.

They mentioned many problems but we will help them with the building,” she added.

Ecobank day was first launched in 2013.

This time around, the day has been celebrated in 33 African countries where the bank operates from.

Activities included helping people in miserable life conditions.

Kilonzo further said that, “It is imperative that the institutions in Rwanda contribute to the development of our host countries and help citizens, especially the needy, because as a bank, we cannot just invest in doing business, but also continue investing in business. I think that supporting is important and one way we can build the country.”

The director of the HVP Gatagara, Ndera branch, Elissam Salim Ntibanyendera thanked Ecobank’s leadership saying that what the bank did shows that there are some people who think about them.

“It really helped us to feel that we are not alone and that there are others who think about us. You also saw that they came with different officials,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ecobank’s staff and officials also gave other support in terms of foodstuffs including rice, among others.

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