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Ebola Case Confirmed in DRC’s North Kivu

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A new case has been confirmed in the province of North Kivu in DRC according Minister of Public Health, Hygiene and Prevention, Dr. Jean-Jacques Mbungani.

He said the only new case of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) was recorded on August 17 in Beni city. It was a 46-year-old woman hospitalized on July 23 at the Beni General Hospital who died of respiratory distress on a HIV-tuberculosis immunosuppression site on August 15.

“A routine oropharyngeal sample (Swab) was taken on August 15, 2022 by the HGR Beni team. The sample tested positive for EVD at the Beni laboratory in Beni and then confirmed at the INRB laboratory in Goma. The sequencing carried out at the Rodolphe Mérieux Laboratory of INRB-Goma confirmed the Ebola Zaire strain and also demonstrated that this case is linked to a strain from the 10th epidemic of 2018 and not to a new introduction of the virus”, said the Minister of Health.

Dr. Mbungani reassured that thanks to the experience acquired in the management of the Ebola Virus Disease and with the availability of vaccines and therapeutic molecules, the teams of the Provincial Health Division and the Health Zone of Beni are carrying out response activities, including the decontamination of healthcare establishments and households, the listing and follow-up of approximately 160 contacts identified to date, the planning of vaccination and the management of cases , awareness, etc.

He invited the population of North Kivu in general and typically that of Beni to get involved in the response alongside the response teams from the Health Zone.

“Our recent shared experience has shown us that community engagement remains the key to quickly controlling any epidemic, particularly that of EVD,” said Jean-Jacques Mbungani.

This resurgence of the Ebola epidemic comes almost two months after the declaration of the end of the third epidemic in the province of Equateur since 2018 and the 14th in the general classification of the country which broke out five months in Mbandaka.