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DRC’s Tutsi and Banyamulenge Probed For Not Denouncing Rwanda

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Le Vice-premier ministre, ministre de l’Intérieur et Sécurité, Daniel Aselo Okito

DRC government has expressed concern over the silence expressed by its citizens of Tutsi and Banyamulenge background over M23’s occupation of Bunagana border town.

On Sunday, Daniel Aselo Okito, DRC’s Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior and Security hosted a press briefing and invited the Congolese Tutsi community and Banyamulenge to support government military campaign against M23 rebellion.

The congolese government without substantial evidence still mantains that M23 are supported by Rwanda government an allegation Kigali has repeatedly trashed.

MONUSCO and regional mechanisms recently concluded that no such proof existed.

Minister Daniel Aselo Okito said that he was worried about the silence of this community about the alleged ‘invasion of Rwandan troops’ in the DRC in support of the M23 movement which has been occupying several Congolese entities since last week, especially, the border town of Buganana.

“The Congolese government is surprised when we fight against this aggression but you, our Congolese Tutsi brothers, Banyamulenge, we do not see you supporting your government why?” the interior minister queried.

“We also ask ourselves questions. We are with you but we are fighting and you lock yourself in and you want other Congolese to fall into the trap of Rwanda. Why can’t you report? You also denounce the behavior of Rwanda. Why don’t you do it, ” insisted Daniel Aselo.

Regarding the messages of xenophobia reported by Human Rights Watch (HRW), the government announced that the national police and the various security services have already been alerted to track down the perpetrators.