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DRC’s New Interior Minister Promises To Secure Kivu Region

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As Daniel Aselo Okito wa Koyi DRC’s New Interior Minister assumed office, more than 4000 Banyamulenge were fleeing from attacks by Mai-Mai militia in the Eastern part of the country.

The new Interior Minister, as part of his mandate, announced that he intends to take concrete actions in the face of the major challenges that hamper the security situation of the country, especially in its eastern part.

Daniel Aselo Okito wa Koyi explained his vision on Tuesday April 27 in Kinshasa, during the handover and recovery ceremony organized at the Vice Prime Minister of the Interior, with his predecessor Gilbert Kankonde Malamba.

Himself a member of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS), Minister Daniel Aselo Okito wa Koyi promises to succeed until going to the elections in 2023 and allow both the UDPS and Félix Tshisekedi to keep the power.

Okito wa Koyi appealed to all the staff of his ministry, the Congolese Police as well as those of the security services to leave the stage of grievances on the various security issues. He also invited them to suggest possible solutions to the country’s major security and social challenges, with an upsurge in attacks by armed groups and urban crime.

Banyamulenge are appealing to the Government of President Felix Tshisekedi to immediately intervene and save them from these barbaric attacks by Mai-Mai militia and other rebel groups loitering in the eastern part of the vast mineral rich country.

Banyamulenge said they feel betrayed because the attackers stormed their villages located just one kilometre away from the FARDC military base and no intervention was provided.

According to reports, Banyamulenge were attacked over the weekend by the Mai-Mai  militia group opposed to their stay in the country.

President Tshisekedi at his inaugural speech in January 2019 said he would deploy the army and remove all foreign armies and neutralize all local militias that are a threat to national security.

The province of South Kivu is infested with many armed groups, in particular the Raïa Mutomboki in the territories of Shabunda and Mwenga, the Mayi-Mayi in the territories of Uvira and Fizi, the inter-ethnic conflict in the high plateau of Bijombo, Minembwe and Itombwe, and many other groups.