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DRC Unveils Emergency Mitigation Program For #COVID-19

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President Félix Tshisekedi officially launched this Thursday, June 18, the Multisectoral Emergency Mitigation Program for COVID-19 in the DRC at the Pullman Hotel in Kinshasa..

The 9-month program is based on the interventions of the Government and its partners during the crisis caused by COVID-19.

The objective is to reinforce and concretize the series of health and safety measures taken by the President and also to serve as a guide to the revival.

Details of this program indicate it contains three axes;  the Response to Covid-19, surveillance and strengthening of the health system; Support for macroeconomic stability and the revival of the economy; as well as risk mitigation and support to populations.

“The health, economic and security sectors of our country have been severely strained, resulting in devastating consequences and varied and complex challenges,” noted President Tshisekedi.

He added that the measures that have accompanied the health response since the declaration of the pandemic on March 10th, 2020, need to be strengthened and broadened in a multisectoral approach,” Tshisekedi said in his speech.

The President also indicated that he instructed the Presidential Task Force as well as the Government of the Republic to work in close collaboration to coordinate the development of the Multisectoral Emergency Mitigation Program for the Covid- 19 in the DRC (PMUAIC-19).

“This is an opportunity for me to reiterate my sincere congratulations to all the teams of the Presidency, the Government (in particular the Ministry of Planning), the private sector, civil society as well as bilateral and multilateral partners who have collaborated, under the coordination of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Planning,” he said.

He commended the outcome of this high quality work which according to him provides DRC with a unique framework of reference and coordination for the multisectoral response to the Covid -19, namely the Multisectoral Emergency Mitigation Program for Covid-19 in the DRC (PMUAIC-19).

At the same time, Tshisekedi, invited all stakeholders, at all levels, to take ownership of this Program, while instructing the Prime Minister to make every effort to ensure efficiency of its implementation while launching a new appeal to National and International Solidarity in all its forms in order to join the efforts of the Republic.

He also reassured all stakeholders of his personal involvement in ensuring better coordination and better management of the multisectoral response with regard to the institutional framework as well as the coordination, implementation and monitoring-evaluation procedures provided for in the program.

This program, according to the Congolese Government, should also be used for advocacy for the mobilization of resources from partners in the DRC.

Before the address, President Tshisekedi took a  minute of silence in memory of the victims of the covid-19 pandemic.