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DRC Special Forces Kill Commander Of FLN anti-Rwanda Terrorist Group

Reports from neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo indicate that FLN’s Supreme commander Gen.Wilson Irategeka is no more.

According to local Congolese media, the General was killed in the ongoing DRC’s military operations against foreign militia.

Congolese Military Intelligence also reported that on Wednesday, a group of over 100 FLN fighters fell in an ambush of Congolese Special Forces popularly known as HIBOU SPECIAL FORCE at Luindi. The fight lasted almost four hours with exchange of powerful gun fire leaving 20 FLN fighters dead including Gen. Irategeka.

Details indicate that before the FLN fighters had fallen in an ambush, their motive was to proceed to Shungwe near Zokwe River towards Kigogo and later move to Kilembwe to join another FLN base commanded by Gen. Habimana Hamada and Lulima in Fizi region.

This group had a plan to group their members together and forcefully launch an assault on Rwanda.

The death of Gen. Irategeka has also been corroborated with information provided by Lt. Patrice to Congolese Radio Maendeleo, “so many have died including Gen. Irategeka during the FARDC assault on our bases.”

According to an account by Lt. Patrice, this Gen.Irategeka had also been seriously injured during a previous attack on the FLN base at Kasika Nyamaleke in Mwenga region, “He died on our way to Kilembwe.”

Born Ndagijimana Laurent in Muhanga district, (Gen.Wilson Irategeka) was a member of the exFAR – he fled the country in 1994 after the Genocide against Tutsi that claimed a million lives.

Facts about FLN

Reports indicate that its military wing, FLN, has lost all its strongholds in populated areas and forced to run for safety in the dense Kahuzi-Biega National Park, a protected area near Bukavu town in eastern DR Congo.

Before his demise ‘Lt Gen’ Laurent Ndagijimana, alias Wilson Irategeka or Rumbago’s group CNRD-Ubwiyunge faction, has been the main antagonist in South Kivu.

Irategeka’s CNRD is part of the larger MRCD Ubumwe political platform led by Belgium-based former Rwandan Prime Minister Faustin Twagiramungu, who openly supports the genocidal forces, and Paul Rusesabagina, the imposter humanitarian known for soliciting money from unsuspecting well-wishers for a phony foundation he runs, ostensibly to support Genocide survivors.

Their MRCD Ubumwe is made up of Irategeka’s CNRD, Rusesabagina’s PDR-Ihumure and Rwandese Revolution Movement (RRM) which was formed by Callixte Nsabimana,who is currently incarcerated in Rwanda.

Congolese Intelligence reports have indicated that in the latest military campaign in the Congo, their joint military wing, FLN, has been reduced to near nothing with scores killed and others captured.

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