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DRC Revokes Import Licenses of 5 Companies

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The government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has withdrawn import licenses of 5 (five) companies as part of a comprehensive plan to cleaning up the import sector.

A correspondence dated 24th February is addressed to these companies including; Mino Congo, Chalupa la Mama, Ranny, Snips and Super Nourriture. They are prohibited from carrying out any import of various products until further notice.

The decision was taken through the Ministries of National Economy and Foreign Trade aims at cleaning up the import sector of consumer goods, and on the other hand, at preserving purchasing power. consumers against fraud and speculation.

The Congolese Association of Banks (ACB) and the Central Bank of Congo (BCC), have been requested to no longer issue import licenses to these 5 (five) companies and must also suspend the execution of valid licenses.