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DRC Opens U$21m National Museum

The Democratic Republic of Congo has unveiled its National Museum that hosts a lot of artifacts, and several collections depicting the country’s rich history and mix.

President Felix Tshisekedi inaugurated the U$21million facility built under funding by the South Korean government through its international cooperation agency KOICA.

Kinshasa,  the capital of vast DRC, now hosts this gigantic Museum referred to as Musée national de la RDC (MNRDC), is located on Triomphal Boulevard, just next to the country’s Parliament in Lingwala commune.

The Congolese leader said the Museum is testament to excellent relations between Kinshasa and Seoul.

The museum has 3 exhibition halls, 2 reserves, totaling 1202 objects, a modern catering laboratory, a professional sound recording room, a multipurpose room, a conference room, a seminar room, a library, a space provided for the cafeteria, a space for the souvenir shop, a surveillance room with 68 cameras in the museum.The Director General of the MNRDC, Paul Bakua-Lufu, appreciated the construction of this museum saying, “The inauguration of this museum marks a decisive turning point in the history of the protection and conservation of the arts and crafts that consecrate the diversity of the DRC.”

On other specifications, South Korean government has trained the museum staff and two Korean specialists are staying in the DRC.

The Congolese government every year will fork out U$486,000 for maintenance of the museum.

South Korean ambassador to DRC told the gathering on Saturday that with the leadership of President Felix Tshisekedi in a country with enormous potential, the DRC will turn its potential into an opportunity.

In 2011, a South Korean presidential couple visited the DRC and was captivated by the culture of this vast central African giant nation. They decided to offer to build a Museum as a gift to the Congolese People.

The foundation stone to launch construction of this facility was made by former President Joseph Kabila on July 22, 2016 and three years later it has been officially opened to public November 23, 2019.

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