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DRC Military Base In Beni Washed Away By Floods

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In Democratic Republic of Congo a military Barracks in Beni, Rwenzori sector has been completely washed away by floods. Dozens of people are feared dead after they were washed away by massive flooding.

The incidence happened during the night from Wednesday to Thursday 07 May 2020.

The waters of the rivers Lume, Lubiriha, Butau, Lusiluvhi and Lamia respectively located in the sector of Rwenzori and in the chiefdom of Watalinga in the territory of Beni on the border with Uganda, overflowed.

One person died, four are missing and three others injured in the overflowing waters of the LAMIA river, located between the DRC and Uganda, precisely in Nobili in chiefdom of Watalinga in the territory of Beni.

According to Kambale Siku Godefroid, administrative secretary of the sector of Rwenzori, these floods caused several human and material damages.

“The military barracks on the Ugandan and Congolese side, built on the banks of these rivers, were washed away,” said Kambale.

“At Balombi level, the military barracks were washed away alongside several military materials,” he said.

Mr Kabale also said that a Ugandan soldier who was on guard duty was swept away. His body was found on Congolese soil early in the morning of Thursday. “So it was on the Lamia River separating the DRC from neighboring Uganda, “he said.

Reports also indicate that four other soldiers who were on guard at the barrier remained untraceable and are feared to have been swept away by the floods.

This tragedy caused the displacement of several inhabitants who live along the river. They fled the place for fear of facing a probable overflow of the waters of this river which separates the DRC from Uganda.

Authorities in the area have mobilized the public to carryout excavations from the massive silt and landslides to locate missing people.