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DRC Could Soon Be Confirmed As New EAC Member

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East Africans are about to receive Democratic Republic of Congo as a new member of the regional bloc previously composed of six nations.

According to details, the latest report of the compliance verification team is scheduled to be examined by the heads of state in the region.

During the 44th extraordinary meeting held on November 22 of ministers responsible for the affairs of the East African Community, they recommended that heads of state examine a report from the verification team.

The report observed, among other things, the institutional frameworks in place, legal frameworks, policies, projects and programs, areas of cooperation with other EAC partner states and the DRC’s expectations vis-à-vis of its membership of the Community.

Issues relating to peace and security, language and legal systems are among the areas that will be taken into account for a strategic path to follow in the negotiations.

“The DRC’s population of around 90 million has the potential to help expand market and investment opportunities. With the DRC, the Community will open the corridor from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, as well as from north to south, thus expanding the region’s economic potential ”, says EAC General Secretary Dr Peter Mathuki.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the second largest country on the continent. The DRC shares its borders with five of the EAC states: Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan.

The new EAC recruit also brings in his luggage, his share of insecurity mainly in the east of the country. Several national and regional rebel groups have taken up residence in this part of the country which has been plagued by insecurity for more than a decade.