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DRC Chocks On Anti-Rwanda Hate Speech Accusations

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Scenes of angry Congolese weilding shappened machettes combing through Goma city suburbs ransacking for Kinyarwanda speakers of ethnic Tutsi background has become a common phenomenon but the DRC government has furiously denied.

Many Legally settled Rwandans and Congolese of Tutsi ethnicity have been severely beaten, robbed and some killed by angry Congolese mobs in revenge against M23 rebel seizure of Bunagana town.

The xenophobia against Kinyarwandan speaking Congolese has taken a different dimension certain soldiers in the Congolese army have been arrested and detained on suspicion that they could be collaborators of Rwanda.

social media videos have circulated showing a Kinyarwanda speaking Congolese cop snatched from his office, beaten and bundled into a waiting military pickup truck. There are some reported cases of death inflicted against targets.

However, the Congolese army through its spokesman, Major General Léon Richard Kasonga Cibangu has denied these allegations and instead accused Kigali of fabricating lies. He denied the xenophobic attacks and said that “Kigali wants to attribute to the Congolese population.”

A barrage of anti-Rwandan messages are vigorously churning out on social media. For example some Congolese are calling for a manhunt within the Congolese army to track down the Kinyarwanda speaking soldiers.

“The FARDC note that following the aggression of which the DRC is the victim, several deviant lies and countless messages of hatred were listed and were conceived and concocted in pharmacies in Kigali then distilled, disseminated and dumped in the media, then conveyed through social networks to make both national and international opinion believe that there is a manhunt or any feeling of xenophobia against certain soldiers and some Congolese in the one of the communities,” said Major General Léon Richard Kasonga Cibangu.

The FARDC spokesperson described this situation as seditious. “The Military Justice will seize the perpetrators of any act likely to disturb national cohesion”, FARDC said in a press release on Sunday.