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DRC Army General Embezzles $100,000 Bonus For Soldiers Fighting ADF

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A Congolese army General has been questioned for the missing of US$100,000 that was disbursed for payment to soldiers pursuing Ugandan ADF rebels in Beni territory in North Kivu Province.

Saidi Balikwisha,  a Provincial legislator representing Beni constituency denounced a misappropriation of funds allocated to military operations against the ADF in Beni.

He has also appealed to the military justice system on Friday May 15 to open an investigation into the use of these government funds made available to the FARDC.

According to Balikwisha, despite the means made available by the government, some soldiers engaged in operations against the ADF in Beni eat with difficulty while the rolling means are blocked for lack of fuel.

He therefore considers that there is a probable diversion of the funds allocated to these operations.

“When we go on the ground, we see soldiers in ragged clothes. They easily tell you that they spend two days without eating and no fuel in vehicles,” Balikwisha said, adding, “I call up on the military justice system to carry out investigations.”

However, legislator Balikwisha’s comments were not well received by sections of the Congolese military.

Lt. Anthony Mwalushayi, Sokola operations spokesperson, said; “Making these unfounded accusations in the public square is a way of discouraging our troops on the ground.”

Meanwhile, the general whose identity has not been revealed was summoned to Kinshasa by a disciplinary commission set up by the FARDC General Staff.

The officer is believed to have embezzled over US $100,000 in combat bonuses allocated to soldiers engaged in the pursuit of the ADF.

The Ugandan ADF rebels have recently stepped up attacks as the Congolese military continues to pursue them.

From Thursday to Friday, the rebels allegedly attacked the village of Ndalya, located about 105km South of Bunia.

Local sources said these attackers set fire to two vehicles carrying goods from Beni during the attack.

Residents of Ndalya have moved to Luna and Mabambenga –the neighbouring villages.

National MP Jaxson Ausse, elected from Irumu constituency, visited the area and appealed for a rapid deployment of the FARDC on the Komanda-Luna section to stop the threat from these rebels.

The DR Congo government launched attacks against the rebels since October 30, 2019 in Beni.

It was aimed at eliminating the elements of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a mysterious Ugandan Islamist group present on Congolese territory since the 1990s.

Congolese soldiers on alert in Mavivi forest (Beni, North Kivu) supported by the MONUSCO Force Intervention Brigade