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Dr Leo Mugesera Loses Appeal Against Life Sentence, Appeals Again



It is not yet over until it is over- this seems to be the guiding principle for Genocide convict Dr Leon Mugesera who seemingly wants to exhaust all legal means available to secure his freedom or lessen his life sentence.

On Friday, Mugesera 68 year-old appeared in the Court of Appeal for a verdict on his appeal against life sentence. In October last year, the Academician that was deported from Canada appealed against his life sentence submitting that he did not get a fair trial.

On his conviction five years ago, court ruled that he was guilty of multiple counts, including incitement to commit Genocide, inciting ethnic hatred and persecution as a crime against humanity.

In 1992, Mugesera is remembered for making an infamous hate speech while at Kabaya Sous Prefecture currently Ngororero district, Western Province. He was openly calling upon the ethnic Hutus at a time to exterminate Tutsi. Later over a million Tutsi were killed in the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi .

His previous appeal in June this year was hinged on account that the judge who presided over the case distorted the content of his infamous 1992 speech in Kabaya.

Before his deportation, in 2005 the Supreme court of Canada ruled that Mugesera, through his speech, had “incited to murder, genocide and hatred and had committed a crime against humanity.

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