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Dozens Of Senior Government Officials To Be Squeezed By Parliament Over Misuse Of Funds

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Senior government officials will next week appear before the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to explain and clarify the management irregularities that were raised in the auditor’s report.

In the auditor’s report 2020-2021, numerous government institutions were mentioned in the auditor’s report for mismanaging public funds in the respective financial years.

The committee said in a statement earlier in the week that it will hear explanations from senior officials and staff members from 85 public entities and 31 government projects.

The officials and CEOs of government-affiliated agencies as well as technical staffs are the ones who will be answerable for the misuse of public funds before the Public Accounts Committee.

The mentioned staff set to appear in their respective institutions includes CEOs as well as internal auditors, SPIU coordinators, procurement specialists, heads of finance, chief finance officers, district council chairperson, division managers, mayors, internal auditors, and legal advisors among others.

Public institutions set to appear the Public Accounts Committee are RSSB, Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board, WASAC, RHA, Rwanda National Investment Trust Limited, Rwanda Energy Group, Ministry of Health, King Faisal Hospital, Rwanda Transport Development Agency and more others.

Projects such as the African Centre of Excellence in Energy and Sustainable Development, the Performance Audit Report of Gako Beef Project, Gabiro Agribusiness Hub Ltd, and the Post-Harvest and Agribusiness Support Project that are implemented by the Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB) were also mentioned.

Officials will be clarifying the irregularities in the management of public finances and resources in the report of the Office of the Auditor General for the fiscal year 2020/2021 according to the statement.

The auditor’s report for 2020-2021, mentions a total of 37 contracts worth Rwf201 billion that were delayed in 28 entities comprised of 25 delayed contracts worth Rwf90 billion.

Furthermore, in a report, a total of 88 cases of assets worth Rwf37.2 billion identified in 49 public institutions were found to be idle.