DJ Miller Laid To Rest

Pain and deep sorrow could describe the past four days since Rwanda lost a celebrated Disc Jockey, Virgile Karuranga, 30, known by his stage name Dj Miller.

He succumbed to a stroke on Sunday.

Mourners have paid their last respects to DJ miller. The funeral was streamed live online.

Only a handful of people were allowed to attend the burial to stay in line with the Lockdown regulations aimed at stopping the spread of coronavirus that led to suspension of all public gatherings.

Remembering her sons past days, DJ Miller’s mother gave an emotional speech standing beside the casket.

“During one of his stay at hospital we had a conversation for many minutes. I told him he was sick and needed to have more time to rest. I pulled the curtains to shield him but he called me in a soft voice.. ma, ma- the usual way he always called me without completing the word mom. Come closer I tell you.”

“He once told me that he will give birth to one child. I said to him NO! You should give birth to two more children. He replied that he already has 3. I said to him how come I don’t know about those other 2? Then he said one is Shani (daughter), the 2nd is Hope (wife) and the third is you,” DJ Miller’s mother told mourners.

The mother told mourners that she didn’t know that the conversation she had with her son would be the last detailed interaction with him.

“It is not easy. There are things we can’t change. His passing has surprised us. We are overwhelmed by this loss.”

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