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Disappearance Of Eswatini People Linked To Ritual Murders

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Very little is heard of from the Kingdom of Eswatini formerly named Swaziland, a landlocked country in Southern Africa. This country is mostly known for maintaining a highly conservative African traditional culture while remaining isolated from the international scene.

A closer sniff through the country’s independent media indicates that the Eswatini people live is constant panic and fear of disappearing and never to be heard of again. Hundreds of citizens are allegedly murdered for alleged ritual purposes during Incwala ceremony usually held during last week of December or first week of January.

Incwala is the main ritual of kingship in the Kingdom of Eswatini. This is a national event that takes place during the summer solstice.

The main participant in incwala is the King of Eswatini; when there is no king there is no incwala. The ceremony is about cleansing, renewal and above all it is centred on the Kingship.

“Ritual murders are rife in this country because authorities believe human blood or flesh can help them control the Swazi population,” says Wandile Dludlu,the Secretary General of the People United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO).

Elliot Mkhatjwa the Chairman of the Swaziland Democratic Party(SWADEPA) said Swazis must take serious action against the killing of civilians.

“Even those who are quiet thinking they are not involving themselves in politics, they risk being killed for ritual purposes. It is now clear that people are being killed anyhow in this country and we must stop this urgently”,said the SWADEPA Chairman.

According to an investigative newspaper the Swazilandnews, the kingdom hosts a syndicate of secret ritual killers that traverse the country to identify and pounce of their targets with the ultimate aim of harvesting body parts that would later be used in royal rituals.

In January Sihle Dladla(20)an inmate serving a 9-year sentence for violating the Sexual Offenses and Domestic Violence Act (SODV) mysteriously disappeared during the recently held King’s Incwala ritual ceremony.

Dladla of Sidzakeni area allegedly disappeared on or around the 18th December 2021 after being ordered by Bhalekane Prison Officer-in Charge Bheki Mamba to work at his house within the camp.

“The disappearance of Sihle is very suspicious because, a battalion officers was never commanded to search for him like other prisoners who escaped, everything is normal and the matter is discussed in hushed tones here”, said the insider.

“An inmate cannot just disappear in prison while in custody of correctional officers. If that happens, it is their duty to explain to the family what happened and subsequently, they must produce the inmate. The family of the disappeared  inmate must file an application in court and force the Correctional Services to produce the inmate”, said Sibusiso Nhlabatsi, a human rights lawyer.

In June 2021 in a horifying incidence, a woman was allegedly murdered by plain-clothed security officers at or near Maguga Dam, after collecting the body parts, the remains of dead woman were then sliced, a piece was thrown into the dam while other pieces were dumped separately in a forest surrounding the river but not far from the dam.

“People have their relatives missing, it should be known that some of those people are killed and thrown into the Dams to be feasted on  by crocodiles”, Lucky ‘Obama’ Matsenjwa, a police officer told [Swazilandnews] publication.

This investigative publication claimed that it had obtained electronic evidence and found that the purpose of the slicing of the dead body and the subsequent dumping of its parts separately was allegedly meant to make it difficult to identify the person by connecting the body parts.

Sibongile Mazibuko, the President of the Ngwane National Liberatory Congress(NNLC) says it was clear that royalty is involved in the ritual murders as the killers are  not arrested despite that a large number of Swazis going missing.

State controlled media regularly reports systematically accusing aspiring Members of Parliament(MPs) of murdering citizens for alleged ritual purposes.

However, a member of the State security agency interviewed by [Swazilandnews ] publication claimed the someone powerful in the kingdom normally assign a ritual team to murder citizens and harvest human parts for alleged ritual purposes.