Did You Know Some Churches Serve Satan?



It is time to carefully review the church you so much have been attached to, served and through which you thought have been connecting with the almighty God. Here is a revelation that will help you rethink your faith.

A few years ago while at home in Gatsata, Kigali, I was praying and I heard an audible voice telling me that “Peter upon this rock I shall build my church”. This was before getting sucked into the underworld.

When the underworld spirit started tormenting me, I saw a big church filled to capacity and was standing before that church with my pastors. I heard that this church would be mine. This came about when I was being coerced to deny Jesus Christ something I refused until they said let us find out the sins he has committed. Then immediately in a vision I saw a boat coming with an army in it. When this was happening I saw in the spirit a vision where an army came in a boat and they started looking for my sins.

This boat with the army came from the sea and they started to look for my sins and they saw a heap of my sins and another heap of my good works, I was also seeing, these immediately there was a big church full of people and I was standing there in front of the church with two pastors whom I know but won’t mention them here.

Then they were surprised to see a heap of sins and a heap of good works together with a big church. Then they concluded that I was truly born again seeing that I had committed many sins but I had also turned to God. I heard one say that I became born again from a wrong church and continued my salvation in a wrong church. And that this church where I was standing in front with two Pastors is or will be my church and that time would come and these two Pastors would come and I pray for them to obtain salvation.


I want you to note that this vision was not from the Holy Spirit, it’s from the underworld spirit/Power.

During my prayer on Thursday 19/11/2020 when the wiles of the devil were trying out my soul so as to lose it, the apostle called Arome Osayi of Nigeria whom I had seen in a carcass And telling me wonderful things concerning the soul. This time he started to mention to me that peter upon this rock I shall build my church, citing the same words I heard in prayer in my place in gatsata. Before he had completed uttering the words, I rejected.

The false church revelations did not stop there. I also remember during the attack I in the following years, I had a false voice telling me the name of the church that I would establish. I was given the name of new believer’s church. This confirms to me, that there has been a long plan of the wicked underworld power to turn me into a false prophet.

But I can’t forget there is a time a servant of God visited our church and when he was praying for me. He told me for you, you will never be a pastor but that God would bless me and I would support the work of God. This is also my wish; I believe this could have prophesied rightly.

On Friday 20/11/2020, I was praying silently meditating on my spiritual experience of the underworld system and its power. I was convinced that this system ruling the world today works under the trinity. The trinity system a false religious system using the underworld power.

And wants everyone to belong under this system. Under this system of governance, the power behind its worship is not Holy Spirit power. Signs and wonders, visions and dreams will be manifested under this system but that won’t be the Holy Spirit at work. The Church of Christ has been invaded by this power.

How will Christians survive under this system where perhaps the Holy Spirit is missing? Their attitude towards God as well as their conscience towards God will matter. There is no salvation under this system, though the system and its power will disguise to be giving salvation in the name of Jesus Christ but that doesn’t mean that one will be saved. The only people who will be saved are those who will accept Jesus Christ as lord and savior from a sincere conscience.

These people do not know that they are under the influence of this power. These will be judged on this basis of their conscience and attitude towards God.

Woe unto those who say that God has said when actually God has not said. These are people who genuinely know that they are under the influence of other power(Underworld spirit).These people are some leaders of nations, and some church leaders (Prophets, evangelists, pastors, apostles etc.). Let God in Heaven be the Judge of these people.

Because they are in two categories; there are those who serve God genuinely believing that they are under the guidance of the Holy Spirit; they do the teaching, preaching and even perform signs and wonders with a sincere conscience towards God not knowing that they have been invaded by other power and has taken over their lives including emotions and feelings.

These people have not been coerced to deny Jesus Christ. These are the people who still believe in the scripture which says in Acts 2:17-19 that in the last days God will pour out his spirit upon all flesh and sons and daughters shall prophesy and that they will see visions and dreams. They use the word of God with a clear Conscience towards God. These people my prayer is that the grace of God should be abundant on their lives.

There is also the group which knows very well that the power they are using is the underworld spirit power and not the power of the Holy Spirit. Woe unto these people because they have already been judged/condemned because their works are evil (John 3:19).They are government leaders and so called prophets of God.

These are the people which the bible says that they will say that we prophesied in thy name and cast out demons in your name but I will tell them that depart from me you workers of iniquity (Mathew 7:21-23).The bible warns us to beware of false prophets. The underworld power which is at work today, is an imitator of God and pretends to reflect light of God in the world BUT to be sincere it’s not the True light of God and not the True power of God.

The people of God will find it difficult to differentiate which is the true light of God and which is the true Power of God because this system has taken over the affairs of man in the church and in the world. This is why the right conscience and heart towards God is very important. The true light of God is Jesus Christ (John 8:12); believe in him regardless of which power or church you are operating in unaware.

The Believers should very much now more than ever before depend on the word of God and what it says and believe and obey it to save their lives from the tricks of the enemy. Am more committed to obey God’s word. This experience has taught me that you can’t mix light with darkness. Also the believers should not put there whole faith in the prophets.

Concerning the trinity system, it’s a religious system and operates in the underworld. It does not want the influence of the Holy Spirit in the church or even on the earth. Remember the Holy Spirit is God’s power BUT under this system, they don’t use the power of the Holy Spirit.

However, all they want believers to believe is that the Holy Spirit is at work in the affairs of Man when actually they are sure that it’s not the Holy Spirit at work but they are using the underworld spirit. The believers therefore are called upon to continue with Faith and a sincere conscience towards God; to believe in the Holy Spirit and its power and actually call on him to intervene and invite the Kingdom and will of God to take place in all things.

The disciples of Jesus Christ asked him to teach them how to pray and guided them this way (Luke 11:2-4);”Our Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth………..but deliver us from the evil one). We must pray very much for the Kingdom of God and will of God to take place and ask God to deliver us from evil.

Pray that as the will of God is in heaven so be on earth and remember to ask God to deliver us from Satan, the evil one. We want heaven to influence affairs on earth. The trinity/underworld system wants the Kingdom of Satan to rule the world and so the will of Satan to take place on earth and to bring evil to the world especially to the church of Christ.

It’s the people praying with the right attitude and conscience towards God that will bring the kingdom of God and will of God to work amidst this strong satanic power/system.

I’m writing this with strong belief that the church of God has been invaded by the underworld spirit.

When I was attacked by the underworld spirit, I was being forced to accept to serve God while am having a snake. The Pastor in the church where I had transferred, I heard his voice telling me to come to church and serve God and that I will have to have a snake with me. In other words to worship a snake.

I refused and I have never gone back to that Church again. He did not tell me physically one on one, it was an audible voice from him. Unfortunately I now have snakes in my stomach and they put them there technologically (I do not know how, they are spiritual snakes. I feel it in my left side of the stomach, sometimes it moves up and sometimes I feel it descending.

This is what a false prophet is. He is in possession of snake spirits. The whole system in my body has been designed to comply with the underworld power. It seems I was killed already by spiritual technology and now in the new form. God will judge whoever is behind this. My will was not involved).

My personal confessions

  1. Iam ready even to die without denying Jesus Christ. The grace of God will help me. Believers know that we have also been called to partake in the suffering of Christ (1 peter 4:13).Jesus also says that he was tempted in all points the way we are tempted (Hebrews 4:15).We shall pass through trials and tribulations because of our faith in Jesus Christ.

It is now that I have gone through this spiritual suffering because of my Faith that I now understand what Paul was saying when he said that he is a prisoner of Jesus Christ, is in bonds because of Jesus Christ. It’s now that I understand Paul when he talks of the tribulations, sufferings he went through for the sake of the Gospel and Jesus Christ.

Believers should be prepared for that because it is actually what is waiting for us. Paul was told that he shouldn’t go to Jerusalem that he would be arrested and killed. He responded by saying that I’m not only ready to be arrested but that I’m also ready to die.

However, just to encourage you, the sufferings are for a short time and the bible says they cannot be compared to the glory that will be revealed in us. The glory that will be revealed will be great. The joy in heaven will be great. Around 2009 I had been praying for three days then after, I had a dream and in the dream, I saw myself somewhere at a clinic/hospital/laboratory and then later on I saw myself at school and suddenly I saw myself rising up so much up and I was somewhere up in the skies, so much high (am meant to believe that may be it was heaven) and I felt great joy in my heart.

The joy was exceedingly great, and then I heard a voice telling menthe time of the end will be like this, there will be no more suffering, no more crying and no more sickness and disease.

Then I started like descending/coming back to the ground and I refused and struggled to remain there but I eventually came down from up. So I concluded that I have tested the joy which we shall experience in heaven. This joy I experienced cannot be compared to the joy of the world. It’s not the joy you can compare to the Joy of marriage or the joy of money or the joy of having great wealth.

It cannot be compared to any kind of Joy of this world. It is actually the incomparable Joy. Please believers remain faithful to God, do not deny your Faith in Christ because our salvation is sure. We are not saved to be rich as the underworld agents wanted me rich but for their own selfish agenda. We are not saved to preach, we are called to preach.

So it is salvation first then preaching second if God has called you to preach. The underworld agents wanted me to lose my salvation by denying Jesus Christ and go ahead and preach in his name under a big church. What a false belief. I remember when they were designing me to be a false prophet, and I was rejecting because I was insisting that I’m born again.

I heard a voice of one of the agents telling me that I would preach the gospel and after a time when am about to die, I would go get saved from another true church (One which will not be false prophet/or under false foundation).What a wrong doctrine! Salvation is by grace, we do not choose to be saved. It is a free gift.

I remember when I had just started studying the word and meditating upon it in the night, I was led to a scripture which convicted my heart so much and I believed this is what God is calling me for. The scripture is in Luke 22:31-32-where Jesus was telling peter that, Peter! Satan has desired to have you but I have prayed for you that your faith fail not so that after you have been converted, you strengthen the brethren.

I now believe that truly Satan has been chasing me desiring to kill me first through sin and second through believing the underworld power and serving God by first denying my salvation (denying Jesus Christ as lord and savior) as well as threats of physical death through abduction which I have escaped. So you can die in the following ways; 1-Living in sin/Spiritual death 2- Denying your salvation i.e. denying Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. This is denying the giver of eternal life.

The bible says he is the way the life and the truth and no one goes to the father except through him. 3-Physical death. The devil can plan to kill you physically. I thank Jesus that he prayed for me and is still praying for me because the devil has been seeking to kill me. So dear reader, Jesus right now is praying for you, you may not know but this is what is happening; and he wants you and me after we are converted to strengthen the brethren.

One thing that the devil is not aware is that the mouth does not deny Jesus Christ but the heart does. Even though my mouth through torture would have forced me to deny Jesus Christ because there some point along the many days of attack I seemed to have said that I deny Jesus Christ and later prayed to God and said that God all this is manipulation, it is not what I believe. The heart fully believed in Jesus Christ.

You remember when peter denied Jesus three times, does it mean Peter did not love Jesus Christ. No. Jesus knew already that this would happen to Peter. At that time Peter did not have the strength not to deny Jesus. But when the Holy Spirit power came, he boldly confessed him.

Remember that it’s this peter the lord had said that upon this rock I would build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail it .Its grace that saves us and keeps us in salvation and eventually give us eternal life.

God knows you from the beginning to the end, knows all your strength and weaknesses even the choices you will make. That is why he planned for the fall of man from the beginning by preparing a savior Jesus Christ. We need strength not deny Jesus though our hearts fully believe in him.

Now the life we live will be a testimony of whom we have believed, our works the life of Sin will deny Jesus in your life though your mouth may confess him. Here we need the grace of god to remain holy and blame less. It is possible through a consistent walk with God by studying his word and prayer with the help of the Holy Spirit.

During this difficult time of the last days, the church needs to be strengthened. Pray that God will give you and give me a word to strengthen the brethren. We need three things to remain strong 1-the word of God 2-Prayer 3-the Holy Spirit power. These must be escorted with a pure conscience/state of heart towards God especially where the Holy Spirit is found to be lacking

They are very aware of it and are even determined to make you believe this power. When they pray for you, it’s their will. The will of their God that takes place in your life (the example is the Job I got through their dream and the change to a false prophet).I will believe God and pray for myself. The bible says the veil was torn apart so that everyone can access the holy of Holies.

The bible also says come boldly or with confidence to throne of grace and you will obtain mercy in time of need. The power at work in churches today is the underworld power so be careful who is praying for you. Whatever miracle you will get, or prayer request full filled when some man of God has prayed for you please take it but believe God in heaven to be the source and walk righteously in that so called blessing and you will see the power of God.

It will not be long, you will realize that God was not actually the source. If you trust in God and your conscience towards God and attitude of heart are proper together with prayer (Relationship with God), the lord will fight for you despite whatever trial you may face with this miracle or blessing. You will come out victorious. The bible says the blessing that God gives adds no sorrow.

  1. Walk by Faith not by dreams and Visions. The enemy has used the weapon of dreams and visions in my life to make me believe God has said. Many dreams and visions today are not from God. Despite the bible says in last day’s dreams and visions shall come. Test every dream and vision pray sincerely about tithe devil also knows this scripture and the underworld spirit uses so much dreams and visions to direct people on how and what to pray for.

That is why you see many dreams and visions and miracles by so called prophets. This doesn’t mean that God won’t use these dreams and visions to speak to his people. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever .The devil has picked up the strategy of dreams and visions today to mislead the church of God.

Christians are no longer believing in God, they are no longer believing in the word of God they are following the dreams and visions. Let me warn you, the underworld power in the church and even in the ruler ship of Gov’ts, is using dreams and visions to predict things.

Some of these dreams and visions will come to pass on condition that you give in/submit to the will of the devil. If the underworld power and its agents succeed in making you deny Jesus Christ, you will get all the blessings (wealth/material possessions).True blessings for a believer are not physical blessings but spiritual blessings; the bible also talks of setting our eyes on things above not on things below. The bible talks of the blessings in the beatitudes (Mathew 5).These are the actual blessings.

My experience is that there is a time the devil/spirit of underworld showed me great houses, a great car. This was when I was at the Job which I dreamt by the help of the underworld power. I was to shift from this Job and get promotion to another political Job in the same place as had been planned by the underworld power agents.

I started to believe God is promoting me but later I remembered when I was under attack while I was still at this Job, I would hear underworld power agents asking me questions to do with that place where I was working and was actually to be promoted there. They would as well ask me academic questions and I would answer. Then later I started having these dreams.

One day I was with my pastor and he told me That God was going to promote me.Because I was having these strong visions of houses and cars I also told him that its true God was going to bless me because there are signs indicating that I see them. When he saw the confidence with which I said it, he responded by saying ‘you will not become’. I did not bother about it.

It’s the same man who also once told me while in the conference I was standing behind and he said Fredrick God is going to bless you and you will be moving places and you will get money but be careful that you don’t be tempted. Later on, when I went through all the trials and the spiritual underworld power was seriously tormenting me and this man’s voice was high on the agenda of directing things in the underworld, I came to remember what the man was actually saying. They had planned my promotion in the underworld.

The church through the underworld spirit is positioning people in Government, they will be there working and bringing tithe and offerings to the church and supporting the ministry. I was a loyal steward bringing tithe always and offerings and supporting /contributing financially to the church and sometimes the man of God asking me to help him with money but little did I know I was in a wrong church not until all was manifested.

You can be operating these churches well knowing their intentions or not. It does not mean God cannot promote you. God can promote you. BUT learn that the biggest promotion from God is spiritual not Physical. There is where the bible says that if you have food and clothing, be content with that.

The so called rich men of God take the scripture of what Jesus told peter that if you have followed me, you will receive eternal life and also get a hundred fold in the life/in this world. They neglect the scripture which asks you to be contented with Food and clothing.

The bible also says that what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul? We all want to be well off BUT I thank God that from the time I was born again, my spiritual hunger was for God to change me spiritually. To help me know him. I have been having spiritual hunger not material hunger. My prayer was not my life to perish because of Sin and God to do his spiritual work in my life.

I was growing steadily in salvation and in Ministry and I had been assigned responsibilities of teaching in some class in the church and also interpreting. I loved it very much. People were being blessed by my teaching why because my heart was sincere towards God. So I would wake up to study the word and to pray and to prepare teachings for my Class. I believed God called me to ministry which I still believe.

However, things have turned in a different dimension. I have been manipulated/my mind is manipulated. I have been technologically designed to be a false prophet to lead a big church and get money out of it by doing all that prophets do. This I haven’t done it practically with my conscience in tithe church they want me to lead I have already been given the name, its new believer’s Church.

Now my commitment is this, I have purposed that though in the spiritual this is what has been designed; my decision is that I will not physically go into it. Because I don’t want the plan of the devil to come to pass, its plan now is to steal my conscience towards God now that I know all this. What I have to do is to remain a faithful believer and work with my own hands as I believe I will get a job by the grace of God.

Now my question is; when Jesus comes back will he find faith on earth? Is Holy Spirit really still at work or has gone out of the church already? Has the antichrist already come? Is the mark of the beast being given out?

Has the bride of Christ already been taken? What is tribulation according to book of revelations? How does the spiritual world operate?

I’m Stranded In The Underworld: Can Someone Help Please?

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