Cow’s Hind Limbs Cut, Owner Suspected



Residents of Gacaca Sector in Musanze district are in shock after a cow was found in deep pain with its hinds limbs cut. The owner is highly suspected.

The incidence took place at Gahama village, Gakoro cell- the cow under zero grazing was provided to Mugabo Innocent under the One Cow Per family program.

According to Mugabo, in the wee hours of the night, he heard people walking past his house and quickly moved out to check on them. He found they were carrying a sick person to the hospital. He said later, he walked to the Kraal and found his cow in a pool of blood and immediately alerted the security personnel.

Mukankusi Eugénie the cell Executive Secretary confirmed the incidence but noted that Mugabo was highly suspected of having a hand in this despicable act because this is not the first time such an incidence was happening in his own home.

“During Covid-19 lockdown, this same cow was cut on the head and front limb but Mugabo reported the matter very late,” Mukankusi said, adding that area residents suspected him.

Meanwhile, its calf was also recently stolen and its whereabouts are unknown till today. Mugabo is suspected of having connived with other people to aid the disappearance of the calf which he was supposed to hand over to another person under the One cow per family arrangement.

Mugabo is being questioned by Rwanda Investigation Bureau at Cyuve  station as investigations continue .