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Covid Pushed 150M People into Poverty Globally -Prof. Binagwaho

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Professor Agnes Binagwaho has noted that Covid-19 pandemic has pushed over 150million people into deep poverty across the globe.

She made the observation during discussion on the impact of the pandemic on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) goals organised by Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2022 (PMAC 2022).

“There’s an economic loss on the economic sector that pushed 150 million people into poverty globally and significantly affected those with no savings, hampering the goal of eradicating poverty,” said Professor Agnes Binagwaho.

According to her, “The covid pandemic has affected every facet of human being not only in Africa but also in other continents. There was an interruption of health services such as delay in children vaccination hindering the achievement of Immunization SDG Goal.”

Binagwaho  appeared on a panel along with Aboubacar Kampo the director Program Health UNICEF, Richard Horton Editor in Chief the Lancet, Ronald Labonte Professor and Holder of the Distinguished Research Chair in Contemporary Globalisation and health equity. The discussion was moderated by Fran Baum Co chair Global Steering Council Peoples Health Movement, Australia.

According to organizers of this discussion, the panel aimed at considering what needs to change to realise SDGs by 2030. taking into account the threat of climate change. emphasis has been placed on the role of economics (different systems) and policy (different political systems).