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#COVID-19: Drivers Warned Against Smuggling People Across Provinces

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Rwanda National Police (RNP) has sternly warned transporters against smuggling people to the country side.

The new government measures to contain and prevent the spread of Coronavirus, among others, prohibits movements across provinces and City of Kigali, where people are.

Barely a week after two vehicles were intercepted in Kanyinya, Nyarugenge District transporting people, who were sneaking out of Kigali to the Northern Province; another driver was arrested in the night of May 9, smuggling people in and out of Kigali.

Adrien Nshimiyimana, a special-hire driver, was intercepted in Shyorongi Sector, Rulindo District transporting three people to Kigali.

His taxi RAC 287G, was also impounded.

Following his arrest, Nshimiyimana, who admitted to the unlawful acts, narrated how they smuggle people from one region to another.

“I transported two people from Kigali to Shyorongi. In Shyorongi, I exchanged passengers with another taxi-driver, who had transported three people coming to Kigali from the Northern Province,” said Nshimiyimana

He was arrested on his way back, with the three passengers whom they were smuggling to Kigali.

RNP spokesperson, CP John Bosco Kabera, observed that some drivers of special-hire vehicles have ventured in this unlawful transportation of people across City of Kigali and Provinces, and warned of “repercussions to anyone who will be caught in such risky violations.”

“Besides exchanging passengers, special-hire drivers also use remote roads to smuggle people from one region to another.

We have been able to know these tricks and means used by drivers to violate the government directives through information we receive from the public. This is the same way we got to know of Nshimiyimana’s actions before he was intercepted by traffic Police officers on his way back with two passengers on board,” said CP Kabera.

“These are unnecessary movements can spread Coronavirus from one region to another. We call for personal responsibility to report such people, who come to their communities from other regions, who can be the source of the pandemic in their area,” he emphasized.

Nshimiyimana and the two passengers are currently detained at Shyorongi Police station.

“The focus is not to penalize people but for each and everyone to take safety first, abide by every bit of government directives and recommended healthy practices to prevent being infected with the virus or infecting others.”

Among other recommended safety practices against the pandemic include social distancing, wearing face masks, washing hands regularly and avoiding unnecessary movements