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Confronting Corruption Magufuli Style Is Very Effective



On September 17th, Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli, drove his SUV and made a surprise appearance at a construction site in the commercial city Dar-es-Salaam. This would not be the first time he does such a thing.

A few meters away from the site there is a very old slaughter house that handles dozens of cattle, sheep and goats. However, its handling capacity is very low compared to the market demand for meat.

His government had in June authorized construction of a new modern slaughter house at Vingunguti capable of handling more than 1000 cattle and goats daily.

While at the site swarmed with heavily armed commandoes of the Tanzanian Peoples Defence Force, Magufuli noticed that the construction site had been fenced off with iron sheets nailed onto wooden poles.

He chose not to use the main entrance to the construction site. He ordered his commandoes to tear apart a section of the fence and create a way through and within minutes that was done. Magufuli bent and walked through the improvised hole and stepped into the construction site.

Magufuli walked straight to workers wearing helmets scooping large chunks of soil. He asked them for how long have they been working at the site. They told him it was two months since they started.

Within minutes the site engineer had been tipped off and arrived quickly. At the site, Magufuli only saw a six meter deep sink that will later become the basement for the proposed new slaughter house which will also have an extra one floor above.

President Magufuli makes a surprise visit at a construction site for a slaughter house valued at an inflated cost of Tshs17billion and panned to take 18 months to complete


According to the site engineer, the slaughter house has been budgeted for Tshs17billion and will take a period of 18months to complete. This seemed not very convincing to President Magufuli as he walked out of the hole in the fence and took tour at a very dirty old slaughter house.

Magufuli greeted residents grouping around the old slaughter house. They knew he was going to address them just like they have been seeing him on TV doing the same surprise visits in various parts of the country.

The president excuses himself that he would not address them while standing around them that he prefers to climb into his SUV that is fitted with a mega public address system. The commandoes opened the door for him and he jumped in and emerged through the open roof with a microphone.

He greets them as they interrupt with screams of excitement and joy but chips in saying. “I want to ask the contractor in charge of building the new slaughter house. When did you get this contract and how much will it cost and when should we expect completion of constriction?”

As the contractor engineer took the microphone and dwelt on pleasantries, Magufuli interjected and cautioned him to answer the questions and leave politics out of the discussion. This sent residents into ecstatic screams.

Magufuli questioned why construction began three months late yet the tender was issued in June. The president also didn’t understand why construction of such a small building would cost a colossal sum of money Tshs17billion?

Another disturbing discovery was how a mere consultant for this project would be paid Tshs20million monthly, “for just standing and watching as construction goes on”. It was also discovered that the slaughter house would host two automated salughtering machines which according to Magufuli have inflated costs.

He ordered that the building with a basement and one floor cannot take all 18 months to be completed.

“I have worked under infrastructure ministry, I know everything. It is stupid to claim that such a building would take 18 months to complete,” the furious Magufuli said adding that workers must immediately begin working day and night.

“Construction should be completed in December. I want to return to this place when everything is complete for official opening,” Magufuli ordered.

President Magufuli has been traversing the entire country meeting residents at surprise stop overs and handling cases that have been viewed as very complicated under previous regimes.

For example when he made a stopover in Geita, a mother of three told Magufuli that her husband had been knocked dead by a drunk driving police officer. This officer had instead been transferred to another location and had never been charged for this manslaughter.

“Mr President I have been moving from office to office seeking justice but all efforts have failed,” the crying mother told Magufuli who immediately ordered Inspector General of Police to instantly arrest and dismiss the errant police officer.

Magufuli later ordered all public officials around including, area member of parliament, District commissioners and mayor and police officers to immediately raise cash to support the woman.

In just 10 minutes a total of Tshs500000 was raised and given to the mother of three and Magufuli ordered for her protection.


Tanzania’s President Samia Scheduled For Kenya Visit



Kenya’s Presidency has confirmed that President Samia Suluhu Hassan of the United Republic of Tanzania is scheduled to jet in to Nairobi for a 2-day State Visit on Tuesday.

Kanze Dena-Mararo Kenya’s State House spokesperson said other details of President Suluhu’s visit will be shared in due course.

President Samia Suluhu is a sharp contrast of her predecessor John Pombe Magufuli who passed away recently.

On April 11President Samia Suluhu made her first trip outside the country since taking oath of office. She flew to neighbouring Uganda, a trip her handlers said was aimed at strengthening bilateral ties and finalize the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Tripartite project agreement.

The Tanzanian leader has drawn a line under her predecessor’s controversial stances on COVID-19 and the media, indicating an apparent change in course for the nation after the death of John Magufuli in March.

“We cannot segregate ourselves like an island, but also we cannot blindly accept what is being brought forward to us (on COVID-19) without carrying out our own investigations and inputs,” she told officials at State House in the commercial capital Dar es Salaam. “Let us have a stance.”

President Suluhu also announced that media that had been banned by Magufuli’s government should be allowed to operate.

“We should not ban the media by force. Reopen them, and we should ensure they follow the rules. We should not give them room to say we are shrinking press freedom.”

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Angola Appoints Envoy To Uganda, Somalia, South Sudan



President João Lourenço of Angola on Tuesday appointed Sianga Abílio as ambassador to Uganda, South Sudan and Somalia.

Sianga who is based in Nairobi, Kenya currently serves as Ambassador of Angola to Kenya and Permanent Representative of Angola to the United Nations offices in the Kenyan capital.

According to a statement from the embassy, as soon as presenting the Credential Letters, Ambassador Sianga Abílio, will start to provide Diplomatic coverage for the four countries, the from Nairobi.

Sianga Abílio, was accredited as a permanent representative of the country to the United Nations Offices in Nairobi in May 2018.

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Kenya Releases Results For Primary Schools Exam



Kenya’s Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha on Thursday released results for the 2020 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam which was conducted last month.

About 1.2 million candidates sat the KCPE exam between March 22 and March 24, 2021.

Prof. Magoha said early today that the ministry thwarted several instances of irregularities in various places.

Meanwhile, Form 4 candidates are set to conclude the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination on April 26.

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