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City Tycoon Gaposho Arrested




The famous businessman, Gaposho, also known as Jean Gahunde Mafutamingi, has been arrested and held by RIB at Remera station.

Taarifa can confirm that he is being accused of mishandling his vicious dogs that have terrorized residents in his posh estate located in Rwinyana Village, Musezero Cell of Gisozi Sector in Gasabo District.

“It’s true; we have Jean Gahunde Mafutamingi in our custody as we investigate his links to incidents in which the dogs he owns have bitten four people,” said Dr. Thierry Murangira, RIB’s Spokesperson.

A subsequent investigation found out that there are about ten cases and in difference incidents where his dogs attacked residents and inflicted severe injuries.

A recent case that triggered the arrest of Gaposho is where two of his dogs attacked a foreign resident who was exiting his gate for jogging. He was hospitalized at King Faisal hospital.

After an investigation was conducted, witnesses began confessing in big numbers. He is accused of neglecting the deadly dogs and dismissing complaints from residents. One of the residents said a case was reported to the cell (Mudugudu). Gaposho arrogantly dismissed the allegations and said that he is not the only one who owns dogs in the neighborhood.

He was arrested on September 26 on his way to Kigali from Rubavu. Findings of investigation will be communicated, Dr. Murangira told Taarifa this Monday morning.

“People who own dogs for one reason or another should rear them responsibly and not allow them to endanger the public. Those who see these dogs or threatened/bitten by them should immediately report to the Police. It’s a matter of safety and security,” RNP Spokesperson, CP John Bosco Kabera told Taarifa.

One of the victims surfered evere injuries

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Ugandan Intelligence Abducts Two Rwandan Students



Taarifa has learnt that two Rwandan nationals, Aimable Ndayishimye and Mary Kabahizi, students of Bugema University, were abducted by Uganda’s Military Intelligence operatives (CMI) in Mbarara while on their way to Rwanda.

We are reliably informed by sources that they are currently held at Makenke military barracks in Mbarara.

The students have valid travel documents.

Ironically, Taarifa’s sources say while the intelligence outfit held the two innocent students, it was busy making interventions to release six RUD URUNANA recruiting agents who had been arrested by Police in Kakumiro, a town in Western Uganda.

The agents were reportedly released yesterday on orders of CMI.

Rud Urunana is a militia blamed for the October 2019 Kinigi attack which claimed the lives of 14 civilians. The outfit operates from Eastern DR Congo, supported and financed by Museveni’s government, according to UN reports.

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Kenya’s Express Automation Limited Blacklisted Over Fraud



A Kenyan IT firm, Express Automation Limited has been found exposed for its involvement in dubious activities which can be described as acts of fraud.

The African Development Bank (AfDB) said that Express Automation Limited has been undertaking multi-million dollar projects for leading multinationals and local commercial banks.

However, Express Automation said in an earlier interview its main clients are not only multinationals but also small and medium enterprises across the EAC region.

However, AfDB said an investigation conducted by the Bank’s Office of Integrity and Anti-Corruption established that Express Automation Limited engaged in fraudulent practices during a tender for the technical security upgrade to the Bank’s Eastern Africa Regional Centre.

The technical security upgrade was aimed at upgrading the existing security system in the Bank’s Eastern Africa Regional Centre in Nairobi.

“The African Development Bank Group, on October 7, 2021, announces the 36-month debarment of Express Automation Limited with effect from 18 August 2021. Express Automation Limited is a limited liability company registered under the laws of the Republic of Kenya,” said AfDB in a statement.


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Fibre Optic Cable Thief Arrested In Rusizi District



Rwanda National Police is holding Emmanuel Habimana, 23 arrested in connection with vandalising fibre optic internet cables in Rusizi district.

Habimana was arrested on Monday in Karambo Village, Cyangugu Cell, Kamembe Sector with two fiber optic cables, which he unearthed.

“Some areas residents saw Habimana in the bush digging and they became suspicious. When they approached him, the found that he was exhuming under-ground internet cables. They called the Police and the suspect was put into custody. He had already vandalized and stolen 8 metres of the fiber optic cables, which he was caught with,” said, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Bonaventure Twizere Karekezi Western region Police spokesperson.

Habimana did not divelge further information on where he was to take the cables of other people involved.

CIP Karekezi commended residents, who shared information leading to the arrest of the suspect.

He further said that investigations are still underway to identify and bring to justice those that Habimana was working with.

The spokesperson appealed to the public to protect such infrastructures and to report any sort of vandalism.

The suspect was handed over to RIB at Kamembe for further legal process.

Article 182 of the law relating to offences and penalties in general states, “any person, who maliciously demolishes or damages in any way, in whole or in part of construction, building, bridge, dams, water pipes and their routes, railway rails or any other means of communication or electric power infrastructure, wells or any other constructions, which do not belong to him, commits an offence.”

Upon conviction, he is liable to imprisonment for a term of not less than three (3) years and not more than five (5) years with a fine of not less than Frw3 million and not more than Frw5 million.

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