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CIMERWA Introduces New Cement, Renames Existing Brands

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Rwanda’s sole cement producer, CIMERWA, has renamed its brands (products; 32.5N and 42.5N) as SURECEM, SUREROAD and SUREBUILD respectively. Both SURECEM and SUREROAD are 32.5N and SUREBUILD is 42.5N.

The manufacturer also introduced a new brand called SUREWALL.

CIMERWA PPC CEO, Albert Sigei, said that the “SURE” range is a renewal of firm’s pledge to put its customers first.

“Our products are meant to offer a world of possibilities to our customers, the ‘SURE’ range encapsulates that thought and brings it to life. With a keener eye directed towards our customers and what they need, ‘SURE’ was developed with diversity and fit-for-purpose application at heart,” Sigei said.

The ‘SURE’ range promises cement products designed to adhere to specific application purposes, with SUREWALL as a masonry cement designed for plastering and brick joinery, SURECEM as an all-purpose cement, SUREROAD as a 32.5N custom-made cement for road works and SUREBUILD as a premium cement meant for heavy construction projects.

CIMERWA announced that the range of products would soon be available for sale with the exception of SUREROAD set to make a market appearance later on.

“We have always taken pride in what we produce, our tagline “Strengthening Rwanda” exudes that sentiment,” Sigei said, adding that, “We are committed to strengthening the structures and lives of our customers and appeal to them to continue using our SIMANYARWANDA while applying each product for its specific purpose.”

This means customers will benefit from the strength CIMERWA had promised to deliver in every bag.

With the ongoing  #COVID-19 pandemic, and a partially lifted lockdown, businesses are gradually adapting to the ‘’new normal”.  And the ‘SURE’ range is being introduced to the market at a very unique time.

The Company’s Sales, Marketing and Distribution Manager, Maridadi Jovith said that businesses have to be flexible and willing to adapt in order to thrive in this post-lockdown period and post #COVID-19.

“This period is less than ideal for many a business, some might even say we are launching the “SURE” range under less than auspicious circumstances. But at CIMERWA we believe in soldiering on in the face of adversity and now is the time to roll back our sleeves and get to work. I see no better way to do that than providing our distributors with cement to sell and constructions sites with product to use.

In the days to follow our customers will be able to access SIMA NYARWANDA with the ‘SURE’ branding on the bags in hardware stores across the country.

CIMERWA’s plant located in Rusizi district, Western Rwanda, currently produces 480,000 tonnes
per annum as it looks to increase capacity to 90% by mid-2020 and further to 100% by mid-2021, reaching its full capacity of 600,000 tonnes per annum.

The firm is also expected to see government list its minority shares on the Rwanda Stock Exchange sometime this year.