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Church In Eastern Rwanda Prohibits “Sex With Spouse”, Members Arrested


Nine people who belong to “Abahuzamibiri” church in Rwimiyaga Sector of Nyagatare District have been detained pending further procedures as authorities seek to engage them on alleged eccentric behavior they are manifesting in the area.

Church members, for instance, are not allowed to engage in conjugal acts with their spouse because “it is a sin”, derived from the Biblical sin committed by Adam and Eve, which they say has haunted the entire human race until now.

Instead, when you become a member, the church gives you another man or woman they endorse to be a ‘spiritual mate’, with whom one can have having sex with.

They are not allowed to own a mobile phone and paying for health insurance is unacceptable, let alone possessing an ID card.

The church originates from Ngoma District, Gashanda Sector, Giseri Cell where it was born in 1992.

It relocated to Nyagatare District after its leaders’ were involved in a heated dispute.

Nyagatare District Mayor, David Claudien Mushabe, was quoted in the media saying that indeed they were arrested in the night of November 28, locking themselves up in a house.

“None of them is from this district and what they were doing doesn’t make sense,” he said.

The church leader, known as Nkunzurwanda, is quoted having said that they established their church as a result of devine enlightenment that allowed them to disagree with some Biblical Messages.

The mayor said that among those arrested, included five men, three girls and one woman, most of whom are from the districts of Ngoma and Bugesera.

Angenie Nyirahabimana from Gashanda Sector told journalists that her husband has subsequently abandoned her with six children after he joined the church.

“After he abandoned me with six children, one of them died as a result of not having health insurance. I went to sue him at a police station in Nyagatare District where we had relocated and they told him to go home and look after his family. However, he did not come home. He went back to the church,” she said.

There are reports that Nkunzurwanda who is the church leader was also abandoned by his wife. They have five children. He does not provide for his family and has denied his spouse conjugal rights.

The case is still being investigated.

Rwanda is a secular state where Religion and the State are independent, as provided by the constitution.

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