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Chinese Companies Donate Health Insurance To Vulnerable Families


Chinese trading and mining companies, Bonanza and Yong Feng, have donated health care packages worth Rwf1.5 million to 100 members of vulnerable families in Cyamuhinda Cell, Muko Sector, Gicumbi District.

The donation was delivered yesterday after Umuganda where they joined Cyamuhinda Cell residents to clear the plot where three ECD (Early Childhood Development) classrooms will soon be established.

Yong Feng and Bonanza Trading Company’s Deputy CEO, Andy Zhang, said that, as businesspeople, they have been very successful doing business in Rwanda thanks to political stability, conducive climate and the hospitality of Rwandan citizens.

He said that they have been excited at the good program of the country whereby every citizen must have health insurance ‘mutuelle de santé’.

He said that it is a good program since every citizen can access health services for Rwf3000 per year.

“We realised that as people who do business in a beautiful country like Rwanda, we should contribute to help the citizens so that they may continue having strength and nation-building ideas. This is why we have come to do the communal work and help 100 most vulnerable families comprised of 520 people by paying for health insurance for them between 2018-2019 so that they may be able to access health services,” he said.

Meanwhile, Andy noted that when they started operating in Rwanda, they learned that there is a special communal activity every last Saturday of the month.

They chose to join residents in a communal activity in Muko Sector to manifest to Rwandans that programs of the government are good and that every Rwandan and foreigner should support them because they are intended for the development of the country.

According to Andy, even if they are foreigners, they are Rwandan citizens because they operate in the country and it is where they live.

She believes they must participate in the communal activity and join others to build the country.

Muko Sector Executive Secretary, Theobald Kayiranga said that this contribution is going to help the families because some of them have failed to pay for health insurance owing to natural disasters such as heavy rains that destroyed their crop during the last agricultural season.

“The last agricultural season was not good in general because heavy rains destroyed the crops that most citizens would have sold to pay for health insurance. Paying for health insurance for 520 people is a great contribution,” he said.

Kayiranga noted that regarding health insurance participation, in 2017, Muko was estimated at 89.4%.

The rains destroyed wheat, maize and beans; the cash crops citizens rely on to generate income .


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