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Chines Miners Kidnapped In DRC, Soldier Killed

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A soldier was killed and eight Chinese miners kidnapped during an armed attack that took place on the night of Saturday and Sunday at the Mining sites of Beyond Mining Company in Mukera, in the South Basimukuma grouping, Mutambala sector, Ufizi territory in South Kivu according to the sources.

Sources say unidentified local gunmen whose identities are so far not yet known targeted Chinese-run gold mining sites.

“At around several 9 p.m., several bullets were heard on the Chinese sites. The soldiers responded, unfortunately, one was killed and another seriously injured. The investigations continue, we noted eight Chinese were carried away by these thugs. The armed group remains unknown so far. We are shocked by this practice,” Christopher Bonane, the president of the civil society told local journalists.

It was last month when Beyond Mining and the mining cooperative for integral development, a mining company that works in Mukera mining site in Fizi territory (South Kivu) are accused by the civil society organizations for violating all laws they signed with the local community.

The two companies are accused among other things of failing to compensate peasants whose fields have been plundered and of failing to keep the promise to rehabilitate the roads.

”It is true that things are from bad to worse here in Mukera compared to the management of the mining cooperative for integral development t with its partner Beyond Mining, a Chinese company that mines gold here in Mikera.

These violate the laws they signed with local populations with the clauses of compensating the owners of the fields that they have occupied, collaborating with the artisanal miners, rehabilitating the roads of agricultural services, bringing water to the various villagers, build schools and social amenities that positively impact the nearby communities but none of these demands were met,” Bonane commented on the issue last month.

The incident comes after six Chinese companies were suspended last month over illegal mining. Hundreds of mining companies operate in the province of South Kivu however which most of these companies are working illegally.