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Charly Na Nina Group Is Still Alive – Confirms Charly

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Singer Charlotte Rurinda part of Charly Na Nina music duo clears the air on an ongoing rumor mill that the group was disbanded.  She confirmed that both singers are doing fine and working together as a team.

Music fans are still in a confusion about Charly Na Nina’s music career as media continues to feed them with break up stories day by day with signs like Nina solo performance and deleting images where she appeared on stage alongside bandmate Charly on her social media accounts.

Charly refuted the reports of parting ways with Nina Muhoza.

“We did not break up or stop making music as Charly Na Nina but I guess those spreading rumors wish us to break. Not being in public together like we used to do or slowing down on releasing songs doesn’t mean we separated,” she said.

The soft-spoken diva went on to explain rumors circulating that she is pregnant and even gave birth secretly.

“It’s not true at all. Am not pregnant and I did not give birth either, those are baseless rumors aimed at misleading my fans. Adding weight doesn’t mean am pregnant,” Charly said.

Charly was put on the spot for being pregnant when she appeared on stage recently at the Iwacu Muzika festival and she looked totally different due to weight gained.

Charly Na Nina topped music charts across the entire nation consecutively for 5 years as a best-selling duo while still working with music manager Alex Muyoboke, but after firing Muyoboke, this went from good days to bad, and finally, the situation continues to worsen musically for them.

Charly Na Nina last performance brought up a mixture of reactions, many accusing the group of being distant from each other and having no connection on stage as they used to be in their heydays.

Under Muyoboke and Decent Entertainment, Charly Na Nina conquered the whole country with hits like Indoro, Face to Face, Agatege, and even went on to shine on the regional music scenes in countries like Kenya and Uganda with their hit song Owooma featuring Geo steady.