Chameleon to Young Artists, ‘Be Ready to Face Competition’

One of Uganda’s successful captain of the music industry Joseph Mayanja known by his stage name Jose Chameleon has advised upcoming and young artists to accept the rules of the game if they want to succeed.

“If I was a coward, Uganda wouldn’t have gotten a big artist like me. When I started doing music, I was very broke and boarded a bus to Nairobi. If I hesitated to take this bold step, the country would have missed out on this enormous talent and I encourage these young artists to stand out and don’t undermine themselves because everything is possible with God,” Chameleone said during a recent interview.

Chameleone’s music career started off in 1996 at Kampala’s hangout joint, Missouri where he was working as a DJ. Seeing Bebe Cool’s success, Chameleone decided to move to Nairobi where he got signed by popular label Ogopa DJs.

The Ugandan artist registered his breakthrough when he teamed up Kenyan artiste Redsan releasing his first single titled ‘Bageya’.He has since released major tracks that have garnered popularity across the region including ‘Valu Valu’ and ‘Tubonge’.

Chameleone together with Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool are considered the major pillars of the industry.

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