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Catholic Church Unveils Rwf6Billion Hotel In Kigali

Pope Francis is now happy with the Roman Catholic Church faithful in Rwanda for managing to put up a luxury hotel just within the compound of a towering cathedral.

Archbishop Antoine Kambanda on Tuesday launched Saint Famille Hotel ( The Holy Family Hotel). It was constructed and fitted at a total coast of Rwf6billion. It opened handy with a unique simming pool and excellent finishing.

As early as in the 1800’s Rwanda started getting contact with the missionaries that later spread Christianity evangelism among Rwandans.

Currently, Rwanda has 56.5% of the population as followers of the Roman Catholic Church which has hallmarks on Rwanda’s recent political history. The Catholic Church had proven involvement in the 1994 genocide against Tutsi which claimed more than a million lives.

In 2017, while marking 100th Anniversary of Catholic Priesthood in Rwanda, President Paul Kagame called upon Rwandans to reflect on the role of the Catholic Church in the country’s history.

Kagame who has previously met the pontiff and both discussed the church’s role in Rwanda’s recent dark history, said Pope Francis leadership marks a new chapter in our relationship, one that looks to the future and wellbeing of Rwandans.

“This chapter of our history is an opportunity for new partnership that serves the people of Rwanda, we have the opportunity to learn from our past and focus on our future with the same end goal in mind: to serve Rwandans,” Kagame said.

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