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Canadian Company Launches Artificial Intelligence Outsourcing Operations In Rwanda

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One of the 250Startups graduate companies, SOLVIT Africa, has inked a Business Process Outsourcing partnership with 2 Canadian partners and kicked off its operations this week.

Shaka AI Ltd, a joint venture of three players, two Canadian based companies and one Rwandan startup, has already hired five artificial intelligence engineers who have started work this week.

The company aims to service clients in countries with increasing demands for AI services but scarce engineers beginning with North America.

The global Artificial intelligence market stands at US$1.2 trillion and growing.

The company already signed a US based customer and is talking to several prospective ones with a vision of growing the AI team from the starting team of 6 people to 200 over the next three years.

“We came to Rwanda because of its business environment but also because of its growing talent pool from institutions like AIMS and CMU-Africa” said Mody-Oury Barry, one of the co-founders and Managing Director of CPAI.

“I came here 3 months ago looking for partners that we could do business with as part of the Quebec Business Mission, I am glad that those efforts bore fruits within a short period and got connected to SOLVIT Africa a very dynamic young team.”

“The global demand is there and we have proof of that through our industry experience but also through the our first client whom we pitched and is onboard” noted Chanel President of the company and managing partner of VILEO Ventures.

“When we ran the interviews with our client, we appreciated the quality of the candidates and we believe as we grow our client and project list we are in the right location as far as talent is concerned but the hard work begins now as we seek more clients to expand opportunities for employment “ he added.

“It’s exciting to be creating employment opportunities for fellow Rwandans, I can say that it’s beyond what I was expecting when I started the company, but because of the support programs and environment the government has created we can see these kind of results” Joseph Semafara, founder of SOLVIT and partner in SHAKA AIjoint venture.