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Business Traits And Gender


For ages a woman has been the epitome of peace and comfort in everyone’s life, because they had to bear traits of a good mum, good sister, good wife, good daughter…

Basically everything about a woman was home based and about making a home, be it as they grow up or when they’re grown.

A woman was known to be and expected to be extremely tolerant, she never spoke back, not because she wasn’t able, but because she must safeguard her family’s harmony and peace.

She never expressed her fears or pain to her family, if need be she would cry in her room but come out with a warm and homely smile.

I can’t say it all, women are beyond what I can write, I will have to find another day to say more.
Such was and is a cultured woman , an ideal wife , ideal daughter, ideal sister.

However, in this era, the world has changed, actually it has grown , women are no longer only expected to be home makers, they’re rubbing shoulders with men in the corridors of business.

They are ideal wives, daughters or sisters at home but sadly the world,the same world that is singing gender equality still confuses qualities of an ideal family woman with those of an ideal business woman.

I don’t want to generalize, but still won’t be so sparing.

Most men don’t expect a woman to stand up for her business rights, when she tries to stand up for her business in anyway, the same way men do it, she will be called numerous names based on the situation.

Sometimes it ends up in a scuffle which obviously affects both Parties.

But the big question is, if both men and women are in business why dont men expect women to Handle business situations the same as they do?

Do business traits have gender?

If men can be ideal business men and still be ideal husbands, brothers and sons, why do men think that women cant be ideal business women and still be ideal wives, daughters or sisters?

An ideal business person gets shrewd when the situation demands, but many men don’t think a woman should get to that when a man messes up her business.

Business traits are business traits, they have nothing to do with gender.

Family traits are family traits, they have a lot to do with gender, each one ( female and male) has a special role that contributes to the family’s well being.

Your deep voice shouldn’t be a weapon to intimidate women, it should be a tool to encourage them in this new move they’re not yet used to.

Women stand your ground, go make it, but don’t lose your values of a woman, be both ideal family women and ideal business women, wear the right hat at the right time.

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