Burundi: Rain Washes Away Bugarama-Muramvya Road



Torrential rains pouring in Rwanda are also causing devastating impact in neighbouring Burundi.

Since Wednesday morning rains have cut off the Bugarama-Muramvya road section. Traffic has been paralyzed massive amounts of water filled up the Mubarazi River.

“We were really very surprised. Because there were no probable signs of breaks in this road, “said Ms. Espérance Nduwayezu, administrator of Muramvya, contacted by local press.

She said the break occurred at a place called Nyabuhurura, on Mpehe hill, more or less 4 km from Bugarama.

“We are appealing to the services concerned to intervene quickly so that traffic resumes.” A Chinese team arrived on site around 8:30 a.m.

Providing an alternative, Nduwayezu advises that vehicles coming from Gitega must make a detour to Kibogoye from Bukeye commune to reach Bugarama. Ditto for those who come from Bujumbura. “This detour does not make it easier for truck drivers,” said Nduwayezu.

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