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Burera: Operations Against Illegal Substances Paying Off

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Strengthened joint operations in Burera District led to the seizure of assorted psychotropic substances from suspected dealers.

Among the seized substances include 673 litres of Kanyanga and about 1500 sachets of assorted illicit gin such as Vodka, Kick, Detox, Umurage, Umuhuza, Ikaze and Imbaraga.

They were seized in operations conducted in the sectors of Bungwe, Gatebe and Kivuye.

The substances were disposed of in the presence of residents, who were urged to report dealers.

Police and local leaders also took the opportunity to educate them on the dangers of consuming illicit drinks as well as their role in fighting such criminal acts.

The District Police Commander (DPC) Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Olivier Nyarwaya warned the residents against such criminal tendencies.

He warned that making, transporting, selling or using such substances is a criminal offence.

“These illicit drinks cause students to drop out of school and some of them have been caught in these crimes; they cause family conflicts and poverty because you spend family income on such illicit substances, which will be disposed of and owners arrested,” CIP Nyarwaya said.

The Executive Secretary of Bungwe Sector, Jean de la Paix Manirafasha urged residents to work with the Police to identify people, who traffic and sell illicit substances in the country.

He observed that some cases of family conflicts and fightings in communities involve people under the influence of drugs.

“We urge you to always report everyone, who engages in such criminal acts, don’t let them cause insecurity in your communities,” Manirafasha told residents.