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Bruce Melodie Paid Me Over A Million For Saa Moya Record-Singer Mico The Best


Afro beat crooner, Mico The Best, brags about out how he was paid over Rwf 1 million to pen down Saa Moya song by Bruce Melodie which went viral few months back when 7PM was introduced as curfew time.

Mico The Best real names, Prosper Turatsize, disclosed the information when he was talking about his yet to be open studio, where he will be selling songs written by himself to artists publically for the first time.

“I have written songs for many artists who paid me handsomely but, I have never ripped big from a single like Saa Moya song. I was given Rwf 1 million and few thousands and am very proud that it became a monster hit,” Mico The Best said.

The song went viral across the country when it was released and few days on airplay, the government announced 7PM as curfew time and over night it became a country’s curfew anthem especially on social media platforms like instagram, snapchat and whatsapp.

Before even venturing into music industry, Igare hit maker claimed that he was often contracted by musicians to write for them songs.

The singer also revealed that one of the main purposes for the studio is to offload some of the work from musicians in order to concentrate more on other elements to boost their music career.

“You know musicians tend to have a busy schedule and sometimes it slows down their production. But now he/she can contract me to write down a song as one concentrates maybe on creating a video script,” he added.

Mico, apart from being a song writer, he is also a singer and producer who has penned down songs for local music giants like Bruce Melodie, Safi Madiba and some other upcoming artists.

He has his own hit songs like Igare, Umutaka, Akabizu, Twembi and manymore.


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