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Bobi Wine Turns To Bulletproof Vest & Helmet



The cost of getting a vote is high in the ongoing Uganda Presidential campaigns- It is now a matter of life and death.

Opposition candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has turned to bulletproof vest and military helmet as the only secure way to maneuver through the constituencies as he begs for votes under the National Unity Party.

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for the Lord is with me!” Candidate Kyagulanyi said on Thursday as he unveiled himself in a new style to his supporters, adding, and “Today we resume our campaigns in Kibuku, Budaka and Manafwa! Ours is a mission to freedom.”

However, some critiques have lashed out at Kyagulanyi saying his new antiques have gone too far to soil the campaigns.

“How will our children be told that a time reached when a duly dominated presidential candidate had to dress like a military combatant, in order to go for his campaigns?” said David Lewis Rubongoya the Secretary General, National Unity Platform.

The military helmet and bulletproof vest have become a choice for Kyagulanyi after a nasty incidence on Tuesday; “Our lives are in danger! After blocking us in Kayunga, on the way to Jinja, they blocked the main road & diverted us to a remote road. As if to set us into a ‘kill spot’, they shot the tyres of my car and directly into our windscreen, narrowly missing Hon Zaake and my driver.”

Kyagulanyi went on to spit fire at his rival incumbent Yoweri Museveni, “Our crime is preaching a message of change. Our crime is campaigning in an election. Our crime is moving across the country. Our crime is being received by our people with love. And Gen. Museveni has determined that the penalty for this crime is torture, brutalisation and death.”

Museveni Campaign Trail

President Museveni said on Wednesday that the mantle of securing the future of Uganda is so great a task to play bets on. It is not a gamble. It is a matter which requires life-long commitment, unending sacrifice, and vast experience.

“Having finished campaign engagements in Bukedi sub-region, we move to Busoga sub-region today. Thank you Bukedi and Bugisu for the hospitality,” Museveni said on Thursday as he kicked off into the campaign trail.

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