‘Balkanization Can’t Succeed’-DRCs Former Prime Minister Tshibala



Balkanization of the Democratic Republic of Congo will never succeed at any given time – Bruno Tshibala Former Prime Minister said Wednesday.

The former Premier under the government of former President Joseph Kabila joins the ongoing debate across the vast mineral rich country in which the population is divided about the intentions of government’s military campaign against foreign rebels.

Honorary Prime Minister and President of the UDPS, Tshibala, told reporters on Wednesday that the idea of ​​Balkanizing the Democratic Republic of the Congo was an illusion. He made the statement during the presentation of the new team from his party’s national secretariat.

According to Bruno Tshibala, the intangibility of the borders of African countries, as inherited from colonization, remains and remains a sacrosanct principle of the African Union.

“The idea of ​​Balkanizing the DRC or any other African country is an illusion. Because the fathers of independence, when they met in Addis Ababa on May 25th in 1963, they said in relation to what was done by the colonizers, we accept the accomplished fact,” he explained.

According to this politician, anyone trying to take a portion of the DRC will not succeed.

“What has been done is called ‘borderlessness’ and no one can go back on what was done by the colonizers. It is true that we find a tribe divided in two, one part in Congo, the other part in Congo Brazzaville, Ivory Coast-Ghana etc … We accept the fait accompli, “he insisted.

Despite comments made by this former Prime Minister, since the 1963 when the African Union convened in the Ethiopian Capital Addis Ababa, something contrary to his belief. Sudan was divided into two resulting into the birth of Republic of South Sudan as recent as 2011 making it the most recent sovereign state with widespread recognition.

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