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Baho International Hospital Under Attack Again

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Baho International Hospital is once again under attack on social media users after one of its clients lost her life yesterday. She had undergone a minor surgery in the morning.

This comes months after the private health service provider was strongly criticized for its poor hygiene and lack of customer care towards its patients.

The backlash prompted the Ministry of Health to carry out a quick assessment into the complaints after which the hospital came out and admitted its shortcomings and asked for forgiveness and promised to work on the areas which were lacking.

A letter that was signed by the hospital’s Chairperson, Joseph Kayibanda, read, ‘’We would like to express our sincere apology to the public and especially our patients whom we have let down recently in customer care.
The health service provider that has been operating in Rwanda since 2015 has been in the media for mostly the wrong reasons and the most recent one came in yesterday after a lady up to now only known as Chantal went to the Nyarutarama based hospital for a simple family planning procedure but unfortunately lost her life.

Its most recent woes before the most recent one started on July 10,2021 when one dissatisfied citizen went to social media and raised a concern over failure to be attended to on a medical appointment that was scheduled for 10am but instead received it at 1pm.

”When you’re given a doctor’s appointment for 10am but told there are 8 people ahead of you with NO appointment,” Lucy Mbabazi tweeted and it was to this tweet that the hospital replied that if she had another urgent program to attend after meeting the doctor, she would have asked the customer care team to assist.

The issue took a twist when the hospital told local media outlets that the patient’s complaint was misplaced and that the probe would be a good witness to the quality of service delivery and it was after this defiance from the hospital that different social media users shared their own experiences at the hospital including foreigners.

This attracted the attention of various prominent Twitter users including RDB CEO Clare Akamanzi.

”How will you change if you can’t even be humble enough to take feedback or comment after thoroughly investigating the complaints? this false confidence isn’t good for service delivery,” she said on Twitter.

In yesterday’s case after the death incidence, different Twitter users went into a frenzy as they expressed their disgust towards the continued poor services of the hospital even after an investigation into their complaints by the Ministry of Health.  The hospital neither denied nor accepted the allegations and they only said, ‘’@BahoIntHospital would like to present its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Chantal.

May her soul Rest In Peace. The case is under investigation by competent authority, we shall let you know further outcome. Thank you,’’ on their Twitter account.

The Rwanda Investigations Bureau Spokesperson Thierry Murangira was contacted for a comment on the ongoing investigations about the incident and he said that a few arrests have been made and a lot can’t be communicated as of now as investigations are still on going.

“Yes! RIB has arrested Dr. Gaspard Ntahonkiriye (Gynecologist) and Dr. Alfred Mugemanshuro (Anesthesiologist) from BAHO International Hospital as part of the ongoing investigation into the death of a female patient (54 year) who died on 09 September, 2021.”

He went on to say that findings of this investigation would be communicated later.