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Burundi Economy About to Collapse

Life in Neighbouring Burundi has increasingly turned unbearable and economists fear that

By Staff Writer 9 Min Read

What President Sassou Nguesso Said in Rwanda Parliament

Denis Sassou Nguesso President of the Republic of Congo arrived in Rwanda

By Staff Writer 14 Min Read

Kenyan Shilling Loses Almost 20% Value, CBK Data Shows

EAC Regional bloc currencies are performing much better than the Kenya shilling

By Staff Writer 3 Min Read

Kigali’s University Teaching Hospital Builds New Facility

Kigali city skyline is embracing a new emerging magnificient iconic facility. University

By Staff Writer 0 Min Read

Understanding Notion of Moscow as “Third Rome”

Understanding Russia’s February 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine as part of an

By Staff Writer 11 Min Read

Kofi Olomide Drags to Court Koffi de Brazza For Using his Name

The battle has began between renowned Congolese Rhumba maestro Antoine Christophe Agbepa

By Staff Writer 2 Min Read