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Kagame Calls On Army To Transform Lives

President Kagame has told the military that beyond the task of protecting

By Taarifa 2 Min Read

Rwandan Woman Wins Party Elections In Norway

Leontine Umugiraneza, the Vice President of Rwandans Living in Norway (RDN) has

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Kagame Asks Africa To Move Faster

President Kagame has broken the ice saying that it is time Africa

By Taarifa 3 Min Read

Ghana Mobile Voice Penetration Hits 136%

The total number of mobile voice subscriptions in the country increased from

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11 Ways Not To Spend So You’re Rich Later

I learn a lot from those who have tried things and got

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India Opens Up Embassy In Rwanda, Explores Greener Pastures

India and Rwanda are noticeably servicing their friendship and cementing economic and

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