Apple Refuses To unlock 2 iPhones Under Police Probe In Kenya



US Technology firm Apple said it received an appeal from Kenya government seeking communication details on  two iPhones that are under Police investigation. The phones remained locked.

However, Apple did not disclose the type of information Kenya was seeking from the high-end phones or owners of the gadgets.

The rejection of Kenya’s request echoes Apple’s previous stand opposing demands by governments, including the US, to unlock an encrypted iPhones, arguing such a move would violate its free speech rights.

“Examples of such requests are where law enforcement agencies are working on behalf of customers who have requested assistance regarding lost or stolen devices,” said the SEC in a report that lists countries that sought access to blocked iPhones.

“Additionally, Apple regularly receives multi-device requests related to fraud investigations. Device-based requests generally seek details of customers associated with devices or device connections to Apple services.”

Most of these orders seek to compel Apple to extract data like contacts, photos and calls from locked iPhones to assist in criminal investigations and prosecutions.

A few requests, however, involve phones with more extensive security protections, which Apple has no current ability to break.

These orders would compel Apple to write new software that would let the government bypass these devices’ security and unlock the phones.

The tech giant reckons that writing a computer code would turn on an iPhone microphone to help surveillance.


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