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Angola’s Ex-president Confirms Ordering Transfer Of US$500M

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Angolan former president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, confirmed on Tuesday that he ordered the ex-governor of the country’s central bank (BNA) to transfer 500 million U.S. dollars abroad, ensuring that everything was done in the public interest.
The confirmation of the former president was given in a letter through which he replied to the Supreme Court where the trial involving the transfer of the 500 million U.S. dollars is taking place.
This was after the former governor of BNA, Valter Filipe, who is defendant in the case involving the transfer of the 500 million U.S. dollars, said the ex-president led the negotiating commission and authorized the transfer.
Taking into consideration that the ex-president is currently living abroad and a confirmation was needed, an interrogatory letter was sent at the request of the ex-governor’s lawyer to confirm the version of the facts.
The former BNA governor faces trail along with son of former Angolan president and former CEO of Angola Sovereign Fund, Filomeno dos Santos, the ex-director of the BNA department of reserves management, Antonio Samalia Bule, and businessman Jorge Gaudens, all of whom stand accused of money laundering, embezzlement and influence peddling.
The defendants are implicated in the illegal transfer of 500 million U.S. dollars from the Angola’s central bank to an account abroad.