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Algeria Begins Paying Jobless From Surging Oil Income

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Jobless Algerians have begun receiving cash after the north African country announced a surge in oil revenues.

Algeria therefore becomes one of the first countries in Africa to start a permanent unemployment-benefits program for its young population.

Last month, Algeria’s president, Abdelmadjid Tebboune said his government would introduce unemployment benefits for young adults as the country struggles with a jobless rate of almost 15 %.

The president said that the payments to jobseekers aged between 19 and 40 would begin in March and it is aimed at preserving “ the dignity of young people.”

Those who are eligible are collecting the payments of about U$100 a month, as well as some medical benefits until they find work.

The allowance is equivalent to nearly two-thirds the minimum wage of 20,000 dinars (U$142).

In addition, taxes on consumer products for beneficiaries will be suspended.

Algeria’s population size is 43.85 million [according to 2020 statistics]. Algeria is Africa’s biggest gas exporter and earns some 90% of its state revenues from hydrocarbons.

The Algerian authorities have been concerned about the country’s stability as resentment over unemployment and poverty occasionally sparks street protests among the young jobless and fuels the on-going pro-democracy upheaval.