Agroluum Company Seeks To Empower Rwandans On Food Development

Yossi Abadi, CEO of Agriculture and Food Independence Company Agroluum, advocates urgent change in sustainable food development on the African Continent through “Strategic Agrarian Communities”, benefitting from professional training, expertise, and investments. They are planning to invest in Rwanda during the next year.

According to Abadi, the company is looking to start investing in Rwanda as part of developing agriculture in Rwanda, starting by next year. “We want to invest in Rwanda, first because it is related to the conference headed by Rwanda. Secondly, we want to start positioning ourselves in Rwanda for future investment, as we believe it is one of the most promising countries on the continent. We have started looking into the field of health and agriculture.” Yossi Abadi, CEO of Agroluum told Taarifa.

To outline his plan, Abadi proposed the Strategic Agrarian Community model, involving the creation of agricultural communities, trained in various areas of industrial agricultural production, with opportunities for regional trade and a governmental buy-back mechanism.

“We are in the initial stage that’s why we want to start having visibility in Rwanda which we believe is the key to success. This session is not just about poultry or best agricultural practices. It’s about people. About empowering communities” Abadi added. The potential investment in Rwanda could amount to several millions of USD and introduce state-of-the-art agricultural and agro-processing techniques.

Talking about the whole Africa, Abadi said “African societies are tired of dependence on aid and a growing number of visionary African leaders are implementing bold visions towards a self-sufficient continent, among which His Excellency President Paul Kagame, the event’s host, is one of its most outstanding proponents,”

“Agroluum is ready to partner with governments in order to provide communities the most professional, multi-disciplinary teams – from soil experts, crop agronomists to experts in community development – and, of course, high initial capital investments.” Pointing to the outrageously poor quality, under the supervision and high prices of imported poultry, eggs, and food products to Africa, Yossi Abadi, CEO of Agroluum said, during his remarks at the 10th annual African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) Virtual Summit 2020: “This must change.” “As friends of Africa, we must not accept that such a fertile continent, with so much potential, will not be able to produce the food it needs, within its own territory,” said Abadi to the virtual audience, participating in the webinar as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The event was organized under the leadership of President Paul Kagame.

Abadi served as a Key Speaker on the opening night of the conference with Olusegun Obasanjo, Former President of Nigeria, to deliver a message of outrage and hope, proposing options for local food cultivation and sustainable development. “We found an electro-charged businessman, who is passionate about his relationships in the African and Latin American communities, where he spends much of his time cultivating projects. “Today, Africa does not cultivate enough grains and has insufficient food production capacity; this should be industrialized to increase supply, quality, and profitability,” Abadi explained. “By importing animal feed, both the cultivation of grains and industrial livestock are uncompetitive.”

“Our model ensures that people will have the means to thrive, creating real value for the regional and national economy,” said Abadi, mentioning the experience Agroluum offers in implementing successful projects in developing markets around the globe.  By encouraging subsistence farmers to voluntarily consolidate into cooperative agricultural communities, which we call “Strategic Agrarian Communities”, everyone benefits from pooled infrastructure, equipment, and marketing mechanisms, which turn unprofitable agrarian businesses into profitable ones. Abadi, an entrepreneur rapidly rising in prominence for his work in emerging countries, co-founded Agroluum with the leadership and vision of his mentor, the successful Israeli billionaire industrialist, Jacob Engel.

Engel, known for his outstanding track record of more than four decades, founded an investment group, Engel Invest, and operates business ventures in over 20 countries, in the fields of construction, mineral resources, infrastructure, real estate, national lotteries, technological start-ups, and agriculture. Abadi was groomed for leadership within this framework and has since co-founded two of these businesses: Tenlot and Agroluum, and serves as their Chief Executive. “Engel has made a practice of investing socially in the communities in which his companies do business”, said Abadi. “Industrial projects have always been accompanied by initiatives to improve the education, welfare, and progress of the families and neighborhoods of his company’s local employees”, he added.

“Our work-strategy is geared towards emerging markets”, Abadi clarified. “Agroluum is our first community initiative to be created as a business. We know that by establishing industrial farming communities, we can help people work together to achieve regional food security, poverty reduction, the transfer of skills, and general socio-economic resilience.”

Yossi Abadi is the CEO of Agroluum and Tenlot Group. An entrepreneur rapidly rising in prominence for his work in developing countries, particularly in Africa and South America, Abadi co-founded Agroluum in cooperation with his mentor, the visionary billionaire industrialist Jacob Engel. Committed to investing socially in the communities in which his companies do business, the Group’s projects are accompanied by local initiatives to improve education, welfare, and development.

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