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AGRF Boss Wants Rwandan Tea Production Model Replicated in Ethiopia

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Hailemariam Desalegn the Board Chairman of African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) has commended  the Rwandan model being applied to run Tea production and said it could be replicated elsewhere on the continent.

“We visited a tea plantation managed by a private company and smallholder farmers as out growers in a consolidate farm. This model can be replicated in western Ethiopia by smallholder farmers and organized youth,” Mr Desalegn said after the guided tour

Desalegn also a former Premier of Ethiopia was accompanied by Claude Bizimana to Rugabano Tea Factory where he witnessed and commended the progress of agriculture transformation. Rwandan tea factories are renowned for churning out high quality tea.

The AGRF is the world’s premier forum for advancing Africa’s agricultural agenda. It brings together stakeholders in the agricultural landscape to take practical actions and share lessons that will move African agriculture forward.

Rwanda is one of the few countries most on-track with the desired progress in the agriculture sector, “Few countries have demonstrated this,” Desalegn obsvered during the virtual summit 2020.

According to Rwanda government, 47.2% of the country surface land has been allocated for agriculture and livestock in the new revised land use master plan which was launched in September to boost agriculture activities.

Rwanda says it is commited to taking a lead in Africa’s agricultural growth and transformation through the use of technology and investment in research.

AGRF says that a U$250billion market per year leveraging Urban Food Markets to Achieve Sustainable Food Systems in Africa, is a call to action to rethink our food systems to deliver resilient, better nourished, and more prosperous outcomes for all.