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Africa Is A Driving Force Behind Global Video Game Industry’s Continued Growth 




The global video game industry is booming.

That’s not particularly surprising. With the growth of smartphones and mobile apps throughout the 2010s, digital gaming penetrated everywhere with an internet connection.

Recent worldwide market figures indicate gaming expansion will continue during the next decade as more people in developing nations come online.

In Africa, the largest gaming markets by revenue are Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, and Algeria.

Each country has generated more than $100 million USD in video game sales a year since 2017.

A deeper dive into the data shows the global evolution of gaming markets and how Africa is contributing to growth trends.

Gamers, industry jobs increasing throughout Africa

Once a curiosity in Africa, gaming has become a mainstay of modern life across the continent.

According to Serge Thiam, a digital strategist and African esports expert, the number of video game players in Africa jumped from 23 million in 2014 to 500 million.

The leap in players coincides with double-digit topline growth. Video game sales across all market segments were up 11.1% in 2019.

The gaming surge is also bringing jobs to African nations. Many game developers who started in the industry part-time have seen the transition of their roles to full-time work as gaming companies expand.

Sidick Bakayo, founder of Ivory Coast-based Paradise Game, envisions one million people hired for the gaming industry in West Africa by 2025. He estimates the continental total could surpass five million employees.

Upward movements in global gaming

The growth of gaming markets in Africa mirrors a broader trend around the world.

As of 2019, an estimated 2.5 people, or roughly a third of the world population, play video games. Gamers spent $152.1 billion on digital games and accessories last year, a 9.6% lift over 2018.

Video games are at the center of entertainment more than ever.

Industry watchers expect sustained global growth to continue around nine percent year-over-year through 2022.

That trend would make video games a $200 billion market worldwide market. By comparison, the global movie production and distribution industry takes in about $100 billion annually.

Mobile gaming leads overall industry growth

Mobile gaming (smartphones and tablets) represent the largest market segment. Consumers spent $68.5 billion on mobile gaming in 2019, a 10.2% increase over 2018. Of that total, $54.9 billion was spent on smartphone games.

North America, Western Europe, and Japan spend the most on mobile gaming.

While those markets have more or less matured, Southeast Asia, India, and Middle and North Africa continue to deliver larger contributions to the segment.

Mobile gaming is expected to reach $95.4 billion in revenue by 2022 and account for half of all video game sales.

Mobile gamers enjoy a variety in the genres of games they play. In 2019, more than half of mobile gamers regularly played casual, puzzle, and arcade games. A third of the players participated in action and racing games.

Casino and strategy card games like poker were also popular across mobile platforms. Online gaming companies like PokerStars that once could only offer popular poker varieties from a desktop site now deliver the same games to mobile through a downloadable app.

Other gaming segments post strong revenue, browser games suffer

While mobile comprised the largest slice of the gaming market in 2019, console gaming was the fastest-growing segment. Consumers spent $47.8 billion on console gaming, a 13.4% increase over 2018.

PC gaming, which has been a bedrock of the industry for decades, raked in $35.7 billion last year, marking a four percent uptick compared to 2018.

Boxed/downloaded PC game sales, a segment dominated by services such as Steam, were up 6.6% in 2019 with global sales totaling $32.2 billion.

The sales of browser-based games were down 15.1% compared to 2018 figures. This $3.5 billion segment was the only part of the video game industry that saw a decline in revenue.

Jelien Moerman is a guest contributor

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“I miss going out into the streets; I truly long for it, the tranquility of walking down the street, or going to a pizzeria to eat a good pizza… I have always been ‘of the street’,” he said.

On Tuesday the Pontiff handlers organised for a cab and the Pope sneaked out onto a street corner to visit his old acquaintance operating a “Stereosound,” a record store whose owners he has known since his days as the Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

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On 11 January, Spanish journalist Javier Martínez Brocal was passing through Rome’s Pantheon area and saw the Pope leaving the record store named “Stereosound.”

The black and white photo of the Pope exiting the “disc-store of the Pantheon” – as local Romans call the locale – carrying a classical music record given to him by the owner of the store, Letizia Giostra, and her daughter Tiziana, went viral on social networks within minutes.

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Pope Francis sent a brief letter to Rome-based journalist Javier Martínez Brocal that recently photographed the Pope leaving a record store, and encourages reporters to fulfill their journalistic vocation even if it makes others uncomfortable.

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Miss World 2021 finale session will be like no other as the self-styled “The King” of reggaeton, Don Omar is scheduled to perform before a very large audience.

Omar will appear in the grand final of Miss World 2021 to be held in Puerto Rico on December 16, the organization of the event reported on Monday.

Don Omar joins the also Puerto Ricans Pedro Capó and Víctor Manuelle, the Cuban duo of Gente de Zona and the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Ángel Vélez, as the artists who will perform in the evening, to take place at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, in San Juan.

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Video: New Rwandan Film, “Poetria La Muse” To Be Screened Soon



A young Rwanda film artists, NINA Aziza Umutesi Salim, has released a trailer of her masterpiece, Poetria LA Muse.

Poetria LA Muse is a story of a muse who came from another world,sent by the destiny to inspire poets whom she lived with in a cave. Poets would go for inspiration in that mystery cave, terryfying one. But one night Poetria couldn’t take it about her feelings.

She made a big mistake of loving a human being while she was not supposed to love humans.

The destiny which sent her decided to punish her. She would suffer before dying. While she was trying to escape, poems of those poets attracted her and blocked her. Death was also very near. Poetria tried to stay alive because love was her strength but in vain.

About the director:

Nina Salim is a Rwadan young artist, screen writer, poet, theater writer, and actress, born on May 19, 1992 in Bujumbura, Burundi. She has been writing short stories, poems, theatre scripts and quotes for 17 years.

This is her first full movie. She told Taarifa that the movie will be screened soon in Kigali.

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