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Adeline Rwigara Pleads To God For Help

In the middle of calm, slight sunshine and total silence on Monday, Adeline Mukamugemanyi-Rwigara was sited kneeling on the lawn at a spot where 4-star Premiere hotel was initially built before it was demolished.

“I will only report my problems to God because I do not believe in the justice system in the country,” Mrs Rwigara said earlier on Friday adding that she would protest the confiscation of the plot.

She said that she had found workers from the city authority last week on Thursday pulling to the site iron sheets and poles and digging tools; “they told me they were going to seal off the plot throughout the night.”

However, Taarifa found nothing of the sort at the site on Monday.

“Our family has been experiencing property problems for a long time,” Adeline said.

Kigali City authority recently announced that it plans to confiscate all idle plots and incomplete building and hand them over to the lands ministry.

The widow of former tycoon Asnapol Rwigara on Friday last week appeared on Voice of America Radio complaining that there are attempts by the city authority to have this family plot sealed off without their consent.

In 2015 when the City authority rolled a bull dozer to the site, said the hotel had been built without a permit plus the structure was not safe and could have caused problems therefore had every right to demolish it.

Adeline Rwigara and her daughter Diane Rwigara were last year in October released on bail and conditioned not to leave the Capital Kigali.

The two cannot travel out of Kigali without permission from court and all their travel documents remain in the hands of Prosecution.

Mother and daughter were jointly charged with inciting insurrection. The insurrection charge attracts a 15-year prison sentence if the suspect is found guilty.

But Diane had been battling another charge of forgery of signatures collected to qualify for nominations as presidential candidate. She was required to collect 500 signatures as endorsements from supporters from the 30 districts that make up Rwanda.

“The two accept their actions although they deny the criminal implications of what they did,” the prosecutors told court.

Mrs Rwigara Adeline praying to the Almighty God to intervene in what she terms as the family property problems. She had earlier on Friday calimed that the plot had been sealed off but Taarifa found nothing like that.

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