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90 Companies Licensed To Grow Marijuana In Uganda

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Countries neighbouring Uganda may have to tighten laws and safeguard their populations against any leakages of Marijuana that may find its way across porous borders.

Uganda is land locked and is sandwiched by Tanzania and Rwanda in the south, Kenya in the East, South Sudan in the North while the vast Democratic Republic of Congo in western side.

Reports indicate that Uganda government has leased its armed Police officers and Military to provide protection to these farms.

Local reports indicate that over 7000 hectares of marijuana are waiting to be harvested in the next few months. Some of these companies involved include Prime Ranchers, Eximo Holdings all licensed by Uganda Investment Authority.

In 2018 Together Pharma an Israeli firm obtained a license to commercially grow marijuana in Uganda for exportation to Canada and several other firms have reportedly got licenses to grow marijuana too.

“We have deployed police at gardens, in transportation and where they process from,” Uganda Police’s Anti-narcotics department head Tinka Zarugaba said.

Experts fear that with the corruption in Uganda, it may be extremely difficult to manage more than 90 companies engaged in cultivation of this plant.

For example the marijuana farm owned by Eximo Holdings in Kasese district just close to DRC border may be complex to keep surveillance on and the drug could be sneaked across the border.

In Rwanda, Marijuana is considered a top of the range drug that may lead anyone found in its possession or consumption to a heavy punishment and fine.

However, Medical marijuana is legal for patients with a prescription from a licensed physician in Rwanda as Rwanda legalized medical marijuana for treating pain and mental problems.

The cultivation, sale, and possession of cannabis for recreational purposes are illegal in Rwanda. Cannabis is locally grown and is easy to find even though any kind of possession of cannabis is illegal in Rwanda and will be punished.